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Coalfish fishing in Norway and Iceland attracts many anglers from around the world as the fight from the Coalfish is probably one of the hardest you will find in Norway or Iceland. The methods to catch Coalfish vary greatly from topwater fishing for Coalfish to jig fishing. Coalfish fishing offers the travelling angler some great sport on light gear and with places like Å on the Lofoten islands and Saltstraumen Brygge both offer some of the best Coalfish fishing. This is due to the extreme currents that these two locations offer and with this current comes baitfish and with baitfish comes the mighty Coalfish. Coalfish like nothing more than gauging themselves on Mackerel which are now starting to be regularly seen and caught in northern Norway. Find the Mackerel and the Coalfish will not be far behind.

You will find below some of the best Coalfish Fishing destinations in Norway

Deep Sea Fishing | Saltstraumen Brygge | Bodø | Norway

Saltstraumen Brygge in Bodø offers some of the best sea fishing in Norway you may well come across. From the world-famous Strait with its huge tide and shallow water which attracts many Halibut to feed to its deeper water marks famous for holding huge shoals of Cod and Coalfish. Plaice fishing is also very good due to the sheer amount of shallow bays. This self-drive sea fishing holiday in Bodo is one not to be missed.. Read more

  Category: Sea Fishing
   Season: March to October

Exclusive Sportquest Halibut Fishing Competition | Å | Norway

Everybody in the sea angling circle has heard of how good the Halibut fishing is at Å on the Lofoten islands and with this, in mind, we have decided to run an annual Halibut fishing competition at this amazing destination located in the North of Norway. This Halibut competition is Exclusive to Sportquest Holidays and in conjunction with Nordic Sea Angling, we will be running this Halibut competition each year at the start of July which is the peak time for the big ones... Read more

  Category: Fishing Holidays, Sea Fishing, Hosted Sea Fishing
   Season: July

Shore Fishing | Lofoten Islands | North Norway

Boat fishing is not for everyone and with that in mind, we have worked hard to bring you something different. This exclusive shore fishing destination will give you the opportunity to catch one of the many sizeable Halibut which frequent these waters well within casting distance. On top of this, you will be joined by an extremely experienced shore angling guide who will assist you with everything you need... Read more

  Category: Fishing Holidays, Sea Fishing
   Season: February to April & September to November

Å | Halibut & Coalfish Fishing | Northern Norway

This spectacular sea fishing destination is exclusive to Sportquest Holidays and includes everything you need for an action-packed weeks fishing. Subject to availability you will receive a full day guided fishing free of charge. On top of this, there is a fully stocked tackle shop on site so you can turn up with no end tackle and be rest assured that you can purchase everything you need for a full weeks fishing at very good prices... Read more

  Category: Sea Fishing
   Season: April to September

Vesterålen | Halibut & Cod Fishing | North Norway

Welcome to Vesterålen located in the north of Norway surrounded by some of the most stunning landscape Norway has to offer. Known locally as the 'Kingdom of the Whales' it is home to a huge population of different species of Whales. This stunning Island is north of the world famous Lofoten Islands and the Arctic circle and benefits from the same amazing fishing opportunities... Read more

  Category: Fishing Holidays, Sea Fishing
   Season: April to September

Vesterålen | Hosted Halibut & Cod Fishing | North Norway

We are extremely pleased to be able to offer you yet another fantastic opportunity to fish this part of the world as a single angler or small group and would like to welcome you to Vesterålen. Located in the north of Norway surrounded by some of the most stunning landscape Norway has to offer. This destination is an excellent area for a mixed species trip... Read more

  Category: Fishing Holidays, Sea Fishing, Hosted Sea Fishing
   Season: April to September
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Additional Information

What does a Coalfish look like?

Coalfish is a codfish that can be found both near the surface and on the seabed down to a depth of 300 metres. They have a very dark to black top half then a very strong white lateral line running along their body to a much paler almost white belly and are sometimes also referred to as Black Jacks. It is a shoaling fish that may gather in large numbers where there is plenty of food. Lots of travelling anglers have now started to target these supercharged fish from the surface as the takes are explosive and can last a long time with the average size being much larger off the surface. Coalfish in Norway are a great target species for any angler as they normally are fairly obliging to take a lure either off the surface popper fishing for Coalfish or jig fishing for Coalfish.

How big do Coalfish Get?

The average size of the Coalfish ranges from 4lb to over 50lb but on average you should expect them to be around 15lb. They tend to be much bigger where you find faster water like such places as the Lofoten Islands. From Coalfish Norway experience the bigger Coalfish tend to be near the surface and popper fishing for Coalfish is a great way of catching the big ones. If you are not bothered about the size of Coalfish then drop into the shoal. Å on the Lofoten Islands and Saltstraumen Brygge offers the best chances of catching a near world record.

Where to catch Coalfish?

Norwegian Coalfish become sexually mature at the age of 5-6 years and spawn in winter along the Norwegian coast, from Lofoten to the North Sea. The spawning period peaks in February, after which the young drift passively northwards with the currents. Small Coalfish appear in southern and western Norway in spring, and by the coast of Finnmark as late as August. A lot of the shoals migrate to fast-flowing waters to feed up in July to late September, waters such as the very powerful Moskenesströmmen located at the very end of the Lofoten Islands is the perfect area and habitat for these very active and hungry fish. Coalfish show up all over Norway and can be caught in very unusual places but normal fishing grounds are where you have a sharp increase in depth. They tend to like sitting on the top of the shelves waiting for baitfish.

How to catch Coalfish?

Early on in the year, the bigger specimens will be found in the middle layers of the water feeding on krill and other crustaceans. When the water temperature rises the Coalfish appetite increases greatly and these micro food items aren’t enough anymore so they switch over to Herring, Sprat, Blue Whiting, juvenile Haddock and Mackerel. The methods of fishing for them will differ given the season you are fishing. Later in the year, the Coalfish tend to push baitfish to the surface so fishing poppers, stick baits and slow sinking small shads work very well and always pick up the bigger specimens. We have written many blogs that will help you pick the right tackle to target Coalfish. Blogs such as Tips for a successful Norway fishing holiday, Recommended Shads for fishing in Norway, Tackle ideas for Norway and the Ultimate Guide to Sea fishing

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