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Mortimer And Whitehouse Norway Christmas Special With Sportquest Holidays

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Mortimer And Whitehouse Christmas Special

Back in 2019, the producers of the famous Mortimer and Whitehouse fishing programme, aired on the BBC, approached us about organising a feature-length Christmas special in Norway. The episode’s main aim and focus were to convince Paul that Christmas is ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, and Norway, synonymous with the festive season, provided the ideal location. The world-class fishing opportunities on offer, from both the shore and boat, along with an array of stunning scenic backdrops, meant the country proved the perfect fit, and that’s where the Mortimer And Whitehouse Norway Christmas Special began.

After months and months of research and an incredible amount of hard work from our sea fishing specialist Paul Stevens, an itinerary was produced, covering a 12-day trip, catering for 13 crew members and with the idea to create their best and most ambitious programme to date.

Sportquests Paul Stevens, who was travelling with them as the fishing expert and guide, had created the itinerary to visit three of our most popular sea fishing destinations in Norway dotted along the shores of the world-famous Lofoten Islands. These included Vesteralen, Nappstraumen and Å, camps that were hand-picked for their incredible beach and boat fishing sport but also for their beauty and endless filming possibilities.

Here is a little insight into the trip that Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse enjoyed, so we hope you enjoy reading more about their Mortimer and Whitehouse Norway Christmas Special.

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Mortimer and whitehouse gone fishing Norway Christmas specialMortimer and whitehouse gone fishing Norway Christmas special
Mortimer and whitehouse gone fishing Norway Christmas specialMortimer and whitehouse gone fishing Norway Christmas specialMortimer And Whitehouse Norway Christmas Special

Sea Fishing At Vesteralen

Each sea fishing destination in Norway used for the Mortimer and Whitehouse Gone Fishing programme was carefully chosen to meet specific criteria the BBC and the film crew set. As a result, every part of the trip was meticulously planned down to the finest detail, including considering target fish, accommodation and scenic backdrops. With our very own Paul Stevens on hand, travelling with the party throughout, ensured the whole trip ran smoothly.

If you’d like to discover what it was like behind the scenes of this unique programme, you can read Pauls behind the scenes of the Mortimer & Whitehouse Christmas special blog here

Vesteralen was the first destination, where Cod and Halibut fishing was the main aim, focusing on a famous underwater mark known as Jurassic Park, located around two hours from the camp. Those who have visited Vesteralen previously will be familiar with Jurassic Park and know just how good it can be. Among all our destinations in Norway, it’s one of the most productive and popular marks.

However, unfortunately, on this occasion, the weather had other ideas, and it was simply too rough to travel there, so plan B got put to fruition. The area chosen was Gimsøystraumen, a good Halibut mark during the autumnal months thanks to its shallow water and strong currents. We won’t spoil what happened if you’ve not seen the programme, but it’s worth watching.

As well as Halibut, Cod was also on the agenda. Thanks to the rich offshore waters of Vesteralen, this wasn’t a difficult task; in fact, Paul and Bob landed their very first Norwegian Cod on the steam to the Halibut fishing mark. Nothing massive but a great location to fish and one which proved excellent for filming.

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Our hosted trip to Vesteralen is perfect for solo travellers and pairs of friends. It’s also fully guided by a member of the Sportquest team, meaning they take care of finding the fish and driving the boat, leaving you to concentrate on the excellent fishing on offer.

Shore Fishing In Norway

As well as boat fishing, the Mortimer and Whitehouse Christmas special also wanted to focus on the array of fantastic shore fishing opportunities on offer, and the entire coastline of the Lofoten Islands was perfect for this. Guided by Sportquest guide Zac Harrow-Dietz the plan was to explore the array of different marks on offer.

Due to the strong winds that had affected the fishing in Vesteralen still prevalent, a lovely sheltered area known as Nesland was the chosen mark, as this offered Paul and Bob some shelter and the chance to fish with the wind off their backs.

Nesland is known for its excellent catches of Cod, Haddock, Plaice, Dabs and even Halibut and is surrounded by vast rocky mountains, making it perfect for fishing and filming.

All of our shore fishing marks in Norway get carefully selected for ease of fishing, and each of them has been carefully researched by our guides. Our guides know where to fish during what conditions and what state of the tide, which is critical when it comes to enjoying a successful trip and catching a few fish.  We have fishing areas from laybys, rock marks, flat sandy beaches and piers, ensuring we cater for anglers of all abilities. If you can cast around 50 metres, you will stand a great chance of catching some enormous Norwegian specimens.

Our fully guided shore fishing holidays are a great alternative to boat fishing. We know many anglers don’t like boats and prefer to fish their feet on terra firma, and our trips always prove popular. There’s no better feeling than watching your rod tip hoop over, and the clicker on your reel burst into life. We can even supply all the fishing tackle if you require it.

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Mortimer and whitehouse gone fishing Norway Christmas specialMortimer And Whitehouse Norway Christmas SpecialMortimer and whitehouse gone fishing Norway Christmas special
Mortimer and whitehouse gone fishing Norway Christmas specialMortimer and whitehouse gone fishing Norway Christmas specialMortimer and whitehouse gone fishing Norway Christmas special

Å On The Lofoten Islands

As well as igniting Pauls’s love for Christmas and enjoying some fishing along the way, one of the main aims was to witness the world-famous Moskstraumen at our destination in Å. For those who don’t know, it’s a system of tidal eddies and whirlpools created by several factors, including the meeting of two tides and unique underwater topography. Å is home to one of the world’s most famous natural Moskstraumen, where the difference between high and low tides can vary by almost four metres, and the water can move at nearly six knots.

The main ‘stream’ where this phenomenon gets found is home to some of the best Halibut fishing in all of Norway, and it’s a haven for big fish attracted by the number of smaller bait fish and microorganisms that get sucked into the incredible tidal pull. As a result, the area is responsible for producing more 2-metre fish than the entire country. Moreover, it’s where our very own Paul Stevens landed the largest ever Halibut caught by a British angler at an impressive 400lb (28-stone or 224cm).

As well as the outstanding Halibut fishing on offer, Å is also famous for its Coalfish fishing. These sleek, streamlined predators gather in huge numbers, coping comfortably with the turbulent waters of the maelstroms as they chase Mackerel, Herring and other smaller bait fish. They are a popular quarry for visiting anglers and can be caught on various tactics, including large popper-type lures.

With all those things in mind, it was safe to say expectations were high for the trip’s finale.

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Sportquest Halibut Competition

The destination of Å is also the home to our annual Halibut competition, which sees nine teams of four anglers battling it out for a share of over £5,000 in prizes.


During the trip filming for the Mortimer and Whitehouse Christmas special in Norway, Paul and Bob stayed in an array of different accommodations, which is dedicated to each one of the tours we offer when fishing in Norway. 


The resort at Vesteralen is an angler’s paradise. It is located down a 1.5-mile track away from civilisation and nestled amongst some of Norway’s finest snow-capped mountains, and it’s a true wilderness retreat. Our destination features ten cabins, ideally located on the edge of the crystal clear fjord, providing panoramic views of the surrounding area. 

Each cabin has a fully functioning kitchen with a dishwasher, oven, grill, microwave, American-style fridge freezer and kettle. The living area is a well-appointed space with large comfortable sofas, additional seating areas, a dining table, chairs, and widescreen television. 

The bedrooms are upstairs and offer two twin beds and plenty of room for hanging clothes and other travel goods. The bathroom is on the top floor and has a large walk-in shower, wash basin and toilet, all decorated to a very high standard.

Outside each, there is a stunning seating area that is the perfect place to relax, soak up the midnight sun and even admire the northern lights.

You can learn more about the accommodation at Vesteralen here.


At Nappstraumen, the cabins are incredibly stylish and some of the best sea fishing accommodations found anywhere in Norway. Built in 2019, they offer anglers, non-angling companions and families the chance to stay in luxury.

They feature a large open-plan kitchen/living room, an ultra-modern kitchen with touch-sensitive oven controls, a microwave, dishwasher, American-style fridge freezer and tea and coffee-making facilities. In the middle of the kitchen area is a large island with a touch-sensitive electric hob and lots of storage.

Through the kitchen area, there is a large traditional wooden table for dining, a large L-shaped leather sofa, a stylish wooden coffee table and widescreen television. All of which benefit from a stunning backdrop of the fjords.

Upstairs you will find four bedrooms, all decorated to a high standard, each with two single beds. The bathroom is located on the ground floor and benefits from underfloor heating. Again, it’s stylishly decorated to a high standard, making you feel more like you are in an expensive hotel.

At the back doors of the accommodation, every cabin has a private veranda with a seating area directly over the crystal-clear waters of Nappstraumen fjord.

You can learn more about the accommodation at Nappstraumen here. 


The resort of Å is located at the end of the Lofoten Islands and is extremely popular among tourists. Navigatable by only the one main road that spirals its way down the miles of untouched mountainous scenery, it’s a traditional Norwegian town and one steeped in history. It’s the destination that commercial fishermen would use as a stopover in between trips or use to shelter from rough weather.

All the accommodations at Å are located right on the water’s edge and have been kept very traditional and basic, just like they used to be. The cabins on offer are designed for groups of between two and eight people, and each offers a comfortable living experience.

The kitchens are basic but have everything you need for a relaxed self-catering holiday. Each room is also decorated with old Norwegian fishing artefacts and gives the feeling that you have stepped back to a time when things were a little simpler.

You can learn more about the accommodation at Å here. 

The sea view from A Lofoten

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The Making Of Mortimer And White House Christmas Special

The below itinerary was designed especially for the programme and was subject to change depending on weather conditions at each destination. The actual itinerary may appear differently on the programme. You can stay in the identical cabins as Paul and Bob and even fish in the same waters and get to experience the same exciting adventures as Paul and Bob.

DAY 1:

Depart London Heathrow

The flight is around two hours and fifteen minutes.

Arrive Oslo Depart Oslo

The flight is around one hour and forty minutes.

Arrive Evenes/Harstard

Once all the crew had collected their bags, the hire vehicles were collected, and everyone made their way to a hotel in Lodingen, where they gathered together to discuss the weeks ahead.

Overnight Accommodation: Hotel in Lodingen


DAY 2:

In the morning, once everyone had eaten breakfast, the journey was made to the cabins at Vesterålen while filming on the way.

Once at Vesterålen, accommodation was allocated, and the rest of the day was spent filming on location.

A special catering company was organised to come in and cook all meals. There was a communal eating area which was big enough for 22 people.

Overnight Accommodation: Vesteralen Cabins (Single rooms) F/B

DAY 3:

At a pre-arranged time, everyone headed out to the fishing grounds, where there was the chance to film some whales. The morning was spent Cod fishing before a scheduled lunch break.

In the afternoon, the fishing was based on Halibut fishing at Gimsøystraumen

We had arranged for three boats at each location, ensuring there was plenty of room. Our very own Paul Stevens and two Norwegian fishing guides were also on hand to help and drive the boats.

During the right conditions, it’s possible to see the Northern Lights in the evening.

Overnight accommodation: Vesteralen Cabins (Single rooms) F/B

DAY 4:

On this day, filming was based at a local lighthouse that had been converted into a stunning accommodation with amazing panoramic views of the ocean. Paul and Bob, along with five crew members, filmed at the location. The journey to the lighthouse was on an exciting rib-style boat and was lifted from the water on a crane lift.

A very well-known Norweigian chef prepared dinner and snacks at the lighthouse.

Overnight accommodation: Vesteralen Cabins (Single rooms) F/B

DAY 5:

In the morning, the rib-style boat transported everyone back to the mainland, ready to journey to the next location.

On the way to Nappstraumen, Paul and Bob visited a local Norwegian village and a jumper-making shop, to make a Norwegian-style woollen jumper.

Once this was finished everyone made the journey to Leknes to stay in a hotel ahead of everyone’s day off.

Overnight accommodation: Leknes hotel

DAY 6:

This was a free day to relax and explore the local surroundings and even do some shopping.

Overnight accommodation: Leknes hotel

DAY 7:

The morning was spent filming arriving at our accommodation in Nappstraumen. Once this was filmed, everyone headed offshore for some fishing.

In the evening, Paul and Bob stayed at the Nappstraumen Cabins, where a secret celebrity paid them a visit and prepared them a traditional Scandinavian Christmas snack.

Overnight accommodation: Nappstraumen Cabins (Single room)

DAY 8:

In the morning, a scene was filmed on location before everyone was taken to the beach fishing spot. Sportquests Zac Harrow-Dietz was the guide for the day and picked a spot sheltered from the windy weather.

Once back at the lodges in the evening, there was plenty of time for some extra filming.

Overnight accommodation: Nappstraumen Cabins (Single rooms)

DAY 9:

Once the group was ready, everyone took the short drive down to Å, stopping on the way to film some local attractions, like Flakstad church.

Once everyone arrived at Å, the accommodation was allocated and the rest of the evening was set aside for filming. Once again all food and drink were supplied as part of the package.

Overnight accommodation: Å Cabins & Hotel rooms (Single rooms) F/B

DAY 10:

After breakfast (weather and timing permitted) everyone headed out to fish and film in the famous Maelstrom. This also gave Paul and Bob the option to fly fish.

After fishing, everyone headed back to the cabins for some food and to capture some more footage.

Overnight accommodation: Å Cabins & Hotel rooms (Single rooms) F/B

DAY 11:

This day was set aside as a spare day for more filming incase bad weather affected the trip. It was also the day set aside for filming the Christmas dinner.

Once all the filming was finished, everyone drove back to Harstad, ready for the return flights.

Overnight accommodation: Hotel in Harstad

DAY 12:

After breakfast, the journey back to the UK began.

Depart Evenes/Harstard

The flight is around one hour and forty minutes.

Arrive Oslo Depart Oslo

The flight is around two hours and fifteen minutes.

Arrive London Heathrow


The season runs from March to October.


Season: May to September
Peak: June to September
Weight: 20lb to 450lb
Average Weight: 80lb


Season: April to September
Peak: April to June
Weight: 10lb to 80lb
Average Weight: 25lb


Season: May to September
Peak: June to September
Weight: 5lb to 48lb
Average Weight: 20lb


Season: May to September
Peak: July to September
Weight: 1lb to 8lb
Average Weight: 4lb


Season: April to September
Peak: September
Weight: 5lb to 30lb
Average Weight: 9lb

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  • 6 days fishing via self-drive boat
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  • Freezer storage for your fish
  • Access to professional guide for guidance
  • Bed linen, towels and final cabin cleaning


  • Fuel for boat
  • Fishing tackle
  • Personal holiday insurance
  • Food and drink
  • Final boat cleaning

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  • Other UK departure airports are possible (at additional cost) Please call a member of the Sportquest team for further information
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