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Recommended Shads For Fishing In Norway

Norway is the destination many UK anglers wish to head to, anglers flock there every year in their droves to target the jumbo cold-water species that can be found in the waters out there. Nearly all the fishing is done from boats and rather than using baits the desired method to snare one of these beasts is a shad or jig heads. I will take you through some of the recommended designs that I would suggest taking with you when it comes to Norway shads.

Top Recommended Norway Shads

Westin Big Bob Shad

Firstly at the beginning of the year when the sea is rough and the cold weather is still about there is only one thing really worth targeting and that is the Skrei cod. For these massive Cod, I would suggest the Westin Big Bob shad. These shads come in two sizes, a 30 cm 480g version and the monstrous 40 cm 780g version. The one I would recommend solely for the Skrei is the bigger heavier version. This will sink beautifully through the turbulent waters with its large paddle tail, holding at the depth you want to be fishing at and the bigger size of this shad will entice the big fat Skrei to chow down and smash your rod over resulting in the fish of a lifetime.

Savage Gear Cut-Bait

Next up on the shad hit list is the mighty Savage gear cut-bait. This very popular shad comes in 2 sizes 27cm 270g and 25cm 460g, both of these sizes will work in Norway with the heavier version being a great go-to shad if the weather is slightly choppy, the tide isn’t running too hard or the fish are being finicky feeders. This shad will catch nearly all species in the waters of Norway including Halibut, Cod, Coalfish and Wolffish.

Strike Pro Hali-bandit

Another great shad that has recently emerged on the scene is the Strike Pro Hali-bandit. This brilliant shad comes in 2 sizes with a 26cm and 29cm both weighing in at 360g. This shad comes with a jagged tailpiece that when used creates more water disturbance than usual giving off lots of bubbles and agitating the fish into striking. The anglers over in Norway have been having some great results using this shad for halibut recently with this design accounting for lots of captures of big fish.

Westin Crazy Daisy

The Westin Crazy Daisy is another very popular Norway shad that anglers take to Norway, these shad come in 2 sizes with both a 23cm 300g and a 27cm 400g shad being available to anglers. This shad has accounted for numerous big Cod and Halibut being caught since it was released in early 2018 and this is definitely a shad I would recommend to any angler heading to Norway.

Hopefully, this has helped you with choosing your Norway shads whilst out drifting the cold waters and will aid you in catching that fish of your dreams.

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