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Q&A’s For Sportquest Halibut Competition 2021

Q&A’s For Sportquest Halibut Competition 2021

We have been asked by many anglers lots of different questions regarding the very popular Halibut competition we have set up for July 2021, so we have listed below the most common questions and hopefully you will find the answers to many of yours:


How many people are allowed in the boat?

Each boat must have teams of four anglers entering the competition.

When can we register for the competition?

The official launch date is 22/07/19 this is when competitors are can register.

How much does it cost to enter?

As this is a two day event in the middle of a normal standard week long holiday the price is £1,800pp this includes all flights from the UK, transfers in Norway, 7 nights’ accommodation, 6 days fishing (2 set aside in the middle for the Halibut competition) and entry in to the competition.

How many teams will there be entering?

We have booked the entire destinations so that’s 9 cabins and 9 boats. For 2022 Halibut competition we will be taking over another destination close by so we can double the number of entries.

SportQuest Halibut competition 2021

Can we have a guide fish with us?

On the two day competition there will be no Nordic Sea Angling Guides or Sportquest Guides fishing in the event. They will be around the destination before and after the event so if you need any information on fishing marks, baits and lures then they will be more than happy to help out.

What hours can we fish in the competition? 

We have set a time limit for each day. Both days the fishing will commence from just outside the harbour at 7am and all boats must be back at the harbour no later than 5pm to hand their score sheets in by no later than 6pm.

Are there any restrictions on tackle that can be used? 

Each angler can only use no more than one rod at anytime. All rigs are allowed but please be sensible with hooks. No Live baits are allowed all fish baits must be dead before being put on the rigs. And during the competition ALL halibut must be caught and released.

How do we record our catches? 

You will be given a demonstration of how to correctly measure your Halibut the day before the competition. But this is what we need from each Halibut landed – We will need a clear image on a digital camera (not on a phone) of the Halibut secured to the side of the boat, we will supply each boat with a ruler which will need to be laid on the Halibut from the very front of the Halibuts mouth to the fork of its tail. We will also need you to hold your given team number on the fish. Get someone to stand above you to take the picture. The picture must be clear and also include both ends of the Halibut being measured. Once you have measured the fish and released it, you then must either text or call a marshal and give your team number and the size of the Halibut.


At the end of each day we will want your digital camera so we can put the pictures on to a laptop to make sure the measurement is correct (this is why it has to be on a camera and not a phone) then the Halibut, once verified, will be added to your team score.

SportQuest Halibut competition 2021

What happens if I hook a Halibut right near the end of time?

If you are playing a Halibut towards the end of the allocated time, you must call a marshal. You will then be given an extra 30 minutes to land the fish but you must still hand your scores in NO later than 6pm.

What happens if I am late handing in my score sheet?

Unfortunately, if we do not receive your daily scores before 6pm then that days catches will be disqualified no exceptions.

What are the prizes?

For the 2021 Halibut competition we have two main categories. The main prize will be the team event which is £4,000 for the team win. This is won by adding the total length of all the Halibut caught over the two days combined. Second prize £1,000, is the singles event which is allocated to the single person who catches the longest Halibut of the two day event. We have many more prizes from leading tackle suppliers, rods and reel packages, trophies, magazines subscriptions and many more.

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