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Agua Negra Fishing Report July 20th – 27th 2019

The fourth week of the season gave us the chance to meet five really good anglers from Idaho — Amanda, James, George, Bill, and Blake (the host) — who have spent most of their lives chasing fish all over the world.
The fishing and weather conditions were the best at the beginning of the week, which gave us the chance to enjoy the Secure River, the Chimoro and the Agua Negra at their best. Amanda and Blake hiked the Agua Negra, and they got really good results. They saw many feeding frenzies, landed some really good Pacu, and sight fished for huge Dorado.

The main part of the Secure was really fun as well, as it was loaded with a lot of fish of all sizes. Bill, George, and Jim had really good fishing, and by the end of the week, we landed more than 60 fish around 10 pounds, three fish over 20 pounds, a huge Pacu, and many, much small fish.
The biggest fish of the week was caught by Amanda on the Upper Agua Negra, and it was a 22-pound Dorado.

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