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Agua Negra week 4 – Tsimane 2021 Fishing Report

The water was hit heavy with rain during the start of the week but luckily the water managed to sort itself out very quickly, allowing anglers to get on the water and catch some amazing fish.

Agua Negra week 4

After a big rain at the beginning of the week, everything got back to normal. Even with cold weather the Agua Negra and the Chimoro rivers gave us some really good moments. We shared it with 4 new friends from Oregon: Ross, Mat, Ray, and Rick. 

Due to the condition of the secure we spent most of the week fishing the Agua Negra and the Chimoro; the water in both rivers was pretty clear and we caught many nice fish. By the middle of the week, both groups spent one-night camping in the upper Agua Negra with good fishing was really good, feeding frenzies and some big Pacu. The biggest fish of the week was a 22lbs Dorado caught in the mouth of the Agua Negra river.

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