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Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 11th – 18th November 2023

Hungry fish and excellent conditions lead to one of the best weeks of fishing of the Northeast season so far. It was certainly one for the books and we are thrilled for the guests who were here to experience it.

The talk of the week was a massive resurgence of GTs on the flats. After a fairly tough week prior, with eight being brought to hand, both guides and guests were very pleased to see great numbers of geets out and about. A very special mention must go out to angler Sarah who jumped onto her father’s boat for the day and landed an incredible 100 cm GT, an unforgettable first of the species. Congratulations Sarah that is a catch of a lifetime!

With the gangstas of the flats around in healthy numbers, everyone was eager to have a crack at catching one. We had a hat-rick of anglers who managed four Giant Trevally each throughout their stay. Congratulations to Peter who’s biggest GT was an awesome 84 cm, Dan with his biggest at 74 cm, and Mark who caught three of the species in a single day, the biggest being 77 cm. Further congratulations also go out to Bill, Niall, Harry, Tom, Greg, Henrik, Bruce and Paul who also joined the party and caught GTs over the week. An epic week of GT fishing!

Whilst the GTs provided plenty of excitement on the flats, the Milkfish showed up in their masses on the outside of the atoll. With tons of water moving off of the flats on the large spring drops, the Milkfish fed aggressively in the scum lines almost every morning of the week. Gary was stretched to the limit in an intense 55 minute fight with a Milkfish, he fought back hard and ended up landing a specimen of 105 cm. A serious catch, well done Gary! Congratulations to Peter who caught three Milks during the week and to Dan, Mike, Chantal and Tom who also landed Milkfish.

Niall had a memorable week, taking full advantage of all St Francois Atoll has to offer. In addition to his GT, he landed two fantastic Moustache Triggerfish measuring 47 and 45 cm as well as a beautiful 55 cm Indo-Pacific Permit! That’s an epic week Niall, well done!

Dave joined us for some bluewater fishing. He had a super productive week and caught 16 Wahoo, nine Sailfish and eight Yellowfin Tuna! Dave nearly ended the week with a Black Marlin, which are very rare in our waters. Unfortunately the hook pulled and the fish escaped. What a week Dave, we look forward to having you back to get that Marlin next time!

We look set for another awesome week of fishing with next weeks guests’, stay tuned!

Tight lines,
Alphonse Fishing Co. on Alphonse Island

Bonefish 55
Giant trevally 23 (biggest 100 cm)
Indo-Pacific Permit 1 (55 cm)
Moustache Triggerfish 3
Milkfish 8 (biggest 105 cm)


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