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Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 12th April 2023

It was another epic week at Alphonse as the weather turned and shed some light on the flats. We still had the odd barometric tantrum but for the most part the stiff westerly calmed down and the clouds parted. With good light and the strong spring tide drops the GT’s movements were fairly predictable. The mornings were extremely productive as the water ripped off the flats and channelled the fish right towards any well-positioned anglers. Alphonse has also been productive in the Permit department this season and this week was no different. Only one was landed this week but the Perms were around and anglers managed a good couple of shots at them during the course of the week.

Most of the GTs were caught over the white sand on the eastern flats of St. Francois on smaller shrimp patterns during the morning drops. With such strong tidal movement, the Rays were on and off the flats like clockwork with many of them holding fish. The fish behaviour towards the flies was however quite variable with some fish requiring a stealthy approach and others needing a much bolder presentation. Most fish were approached cautiously and the conventional baitfish patterns were thrown at them first. With the odd refusal, the fish would head back to the rays and often give the anglers another shot. All rules went out the window when fish wouldn’t eat, and the anglers resorted to hitting them on the head with smaller shrimp patterns. Many of these tough fish gulped the flies off the surface as they landed and made for some spectacular takes. Most anglers this week were experiencing Alphonse for their first time and every angler managed to pin a GT, some leaving it as late as GT Friday to get the job done. Our angler of the week was undoubtedly Bruce who landed five GTs and a Ppermit of 56 cm. Well done Bruce, not many first-time Alphonse visitors can claim five Geets and a Perm.

The ever-present Bones came off the flats as they have all season and gave our guests some of the best Bonefishing the world has to offer. Although the numbers were impressive as usual, the average size this week was something to behold – more than twenty fish passing the 60 cm mark.

Stay tuned for next week’s report.

Tight lines,
Alphonse Fishing Co. on Alphonse Island

Bonefish 185
Giant trevally 18
Permit 1


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