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Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 21st – 28th October 2023

The week proved to be slightly tougher than the weeks prior. Whilst many fish were still sighted out on the flats, the bite was definitely a bit slower than expected, some inclement weather at the start of the week most likely contributing to this. However, this did not stop our group of determined anglers who still managed to bring some excellent fish to hand.

By far the most notable catch of the week was caught by angler Dudley. After winning an epic battle with a beautiful 90 cm GT earlier in the week, Dudley’s quest for fishing greatness bought him to a spot known as ‘back of the moon’. After some walking along the beach, Dudley and his guide, Jason, spotted a massive Permit tailing in the shore break. The fish swam towards the pair, coming so close that Dudley was forced to make a roll cast. As soon as his Alphlexo crab hit the bottom the Perm showed interest, and after stripping his fly almost to the rod tip the fish ate and a nervy 35 minute fight ensued. Measuring an incredible 67cm, this Permit will not be forgotten by both angler and guide. Congratulations Dudley.

Returning guest Ray was also eager to make his mark on the scoreboard. He opened his week with a phenomenal 49 cm Yellowmargin Triggerfish, a notoriously skittish and difficult fish to catch. He also managed to catch a GT and some Bonefish on the same day to cap off an awesome Flats Slam. Later in the week Ray managed to further improve his Triggerfish count by landing a massive 51 cm Moustache Triggerfish. Well done Ray!

Ray wasn’t the only one who had a hold on the tricky Triggers, Hanley also managed to land an awesome Yellowmargin, measuring in at 43 cm. Gabon bagged his first Moustache Triggerfish. Congratulations to both Hanley and Gabon, any angler who has fished for them knows that those Triggers don’t come easy!

The second biggest Geet of the week was caught by returning guest Paul who added a magnificent 85 cm fish to his already impressive tally of Giant Trevally over the years. Congratulations Paul.

As alway, we grateful for the famed Bonefish population on Alphonse which provided plenty of entertainment when the weather made fishing for other species challenging. The big Bones made their presence felt with a number of fish over the 60 cm trophy mark being caught.

We look forward to another exciting week of fishing, the sun looks set to shine and we expect the fish to come join the party. Stay tuned for next week’s report.

Tight lines,
Alphonse Fishing Co. on Alphonse Island

Bonefish 110
Giant Trevally 4 (biggest 90 cm)
Indo-Pacific Permit 1 (67 cm)
Yellowmargin Triggerfish 2
Moustache Triggerfish 3


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