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Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 3rd October 2022

We were fortunate enough to host Estèe and Lucas Desfountain on Alphonse Island during the Explorer Season. Because Estèe and Lucas were the only guests on Alphonse that week, it was their special privilege to enjoy the private island experience for the entire duration of their stay. 

The first day began with some fly-casting lessons by our expert guides. Thereafter, Lucas and Estèe confidently ventured out for a short stint of fishing. The duo, unfortunately, had no beginners’ luck on their maiden voyage. However, on day two, we went to St. Francois, where the exuberant pair took their first lessons in fly fishing. Together, the pair gleefully hauled in some respectable Bonefish, landing just over 20 Bonefish on their first day of fly fishing. For first-time anglers, this was definitely not too shabby!

On day three, Lucas and Estèe set off for some blue-water fishing, an unreal experience for any first-timer. More impressively, both Lucas and Estèe each landed two Yellowfin Tuna.

On day four, our anglers went back to St. Francois, where they had a successful day, proudly landing catches of over 20 Bonefish each.

Our anglers ended their fishing week with some amazing blue-water fishing. Four Yellowfin Tuna and 2 Barracuda were the catch of a delighted Lucas. Estèe, on her last day of fishing for the week, caught 2 Yellowfin Tuna.

All in all, an outstanding week here on Alphonse, with jubilant guests and a ton of great memories. Well done to our anglers on some very special catches and an exceptional week as a whole.

Stay tuned for next week’s report. 

Tight lines, 

The AFC Team


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