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Alphonse Atoll Fishing Report 7th – 14th October 2023

The week held some very inconsistent weather conditions leading to some mixed fortunes on the fishing front. Nonetheless, our anglers headed onto the flats eager to bend some rods and make the most of the spectacular fishery of the Alphonse Group.

Strong southeast winds have kept the eastern side of St Francois crystal clear with cool, well oxygenated water. At the start of the week, the anglers took full advantage of our prodigious Bonefish populations which provided plenty of excitement and got their reels warmed up. A number of the anglers not only brought their first of the species to hand, but also excelled past 20 bones for the day!

Wednesday unfortunately held clouds and rain settling over Alphonse and St Francois making for tough angling, but the days that followed bought some well appreciated, beautiful and calm weather. No wind and clearing skies made for gorgeous conditions out on the flats, and after a day’s break our guests charged back into action ready to end the week on a high.

The calm winds meant we were able to run outside the lagoon and target some of the bigger Milkfish on the dropping tide. Well done to Kevin who managed to land an awesome 90 cm Milkfish, a great achievement!

Dodd was on his first trip to Alphonse and set his sights on catching his first ever Giant Trevally. Friday was his last day and hence, his last chance to bag one of these majestic fish. He started his day off with some Bonefish and on the low tide he was able to catch his first moustache Triggerfish. Once the pushing tide began the sights were firmly set on targeting the gangster of the flats.

A few opportunities were missed and the sun began to set on the day. Dodd was happy to call it a day and wave the white flag. His guide however, was not so inclined and urged him for 15 more minutes of polling. Shortly after this a nice Black Giant Trevally was spotted on the back of a ray, Dodd made a perfect cast and was on. After a tense battle that saw some line wrapped around legs and a knot go through the eyes of the rod, Dodd landed a beautiful 86 cm GT at 16:21. A last minute fish that also saw him complete a Flats Slam! Congratulations Dodd!

Tight lines,
Alphonse Fishing Co. on Alphonse Island


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