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Astove Atoll Fishing Report 10th May 2022

A week of south easterly winds, fortunately enough having some protected areas to fish.

Not having the easiest conditions at Astove, effort was put in to ensure some memorable catches were made along with good times. Lots of talking and much more walking. A tackle set up preparing rods and reels for a grueling week ahead.

Igor kicking off with a GT on the first day of 81 cm and Chris catching 72 cm Bluefin. With the wind picking up for day two, Chris wouldn’t let that disturb his desire of catching what he wanted, Igor making sure he added to the numbers. Chris catching three GTs for the day biggest of 76 cm and Igor also catching himself three GTs around the 65 cm mark.

Chantal made sure she would keep the Bonefish numbers up for Astove and managed a beautiful 64 cm surf Bonefish, whilst the surf Bonefish were happy, Lambert got stuck into the numbers game with those powerful surf Bonefish racking up 10 along with a 66 cm GT.

Day five would mark a memorable catch for Chris, catching himself a 104 cm GT off the beach along with two more to add to his tally. The next day Chris decided to start hammering the Triggers, a Yellowmargin for the win for Chris.

Chantal and Chris decided one week wasn’t enough and would be staying on Astove till the Thursday Cosmo change over and then head over to Cosmo. Chris couldn’t get enough of the GTs as well as Triggers. So decided to add a slam to his already memorable week, catching three GTs all around 80 cm, a Moustache Triggerfish as well as a 60 cm Bonefish. Chris had to ensure he added some more Triggers, he landed another Moustache Trigger on his final day on Astove.

A great week all round with shots at everything including permit in the lagoon. Spring tides gave us great surf walks with good opportunities

Tight lines,
From Alphonse Fishing Company on Astove Atoll


Bonefish 35

Giant trevally 18

Triggerfish 3

Tight lines,
from the Alphonse Fishing Co. Team on Astove


If you would like to learn more about this fishing that is on offer at Astove Atoll, you can contact our saltwater fly fishing expert Peter Collingsworth on 01603 407596 or via email at where he can discuss this trip in more detail.

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