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Astove Atoll Fishing Report 12th April 2023

The weather held up for a great week of amazing catches, perfect tides with great water conditions.

On day one Ali set out on the flats determined for a GT and a GT he got! His geet was followed by a second within minutes and it set the tone for the day. Chris had a good start to his week catching three Giant Trevally for the day along with a few Bonefish. The tricky Triggers, in expected fashion, broke a couple of hooks. So close, but none yet landed!

Rick and Peter set out for their first GTs and they both came right. Rick got two specimens of 80 cm and 85 cm whilst Peter matched Rick’s two GTs, followed up with a Moustache Trigger. Determined for the slam he managed to wrap it all up by landing a bonefish in the surf.

Ali set out for some time in the deep blue, getting a few Barracuda, a nice Bluefin Trevally around 65 cm and a GT all on the dredge. Chris found the Triggers and managed to get two in hand.

After a successful day prior, Ali headed back out on blue water, opted for some conventional tackle and managed two hard-fighting Wahoo. Peter and Rick came close, a number of times, with the Geets, but were unsuccessful. However, both managed Bonefish in the surf on the pushing tide at Paulie’s, and a good number of fish got them all the way into their backing. Chris managed to get himself five Geets for the day on a good pushing tide in a very short space of time. A day he will never forget.

Ali decided he needed to do blue water again and yet again came right, conventional tackle with rapala’s getting three Wahoo for the day. Rick and Peter set out for a lagoon mission and Peter came right with a Permit. They both managed to fish for a good number of Bonefish in the lagoon while they waited for the pickup. During an afternoon surf walk, Rick managed a nice GT off the back of a Ray. Chris had another fantastic day. He managed to spot and land a beautiful Moustache Trigger in the rain. Shortly after, he also managed three GTs in three casts. With fish rolling in, he was making it look easy. With his eye on the prize and Bonefish shoals all around, he couldn’t resist getting himself the Slam and eagerly brought it home landing a couple of Bones.

By the end of the week, Rick was still determined for those Triggers he had come so close to landing before, he didn’t come right but did manage a nice GT. Chris also added to his GT tally for the week.

On the final day, Rick went out on a lagoon mission getting about 25 Bonefish followed by an afternoon surf walk with Triggerfish playing the part. After a few follows and a good idea of what needed to be done, along came a bigger fish, perfect shot and in the net in a few seconds he landed his dream Moustache Triggerfish.

Stay tuned for next week’s report.

Tight lines,
Alphonse Fishing Co. on Astove Atoll


Bonefish 65
Giant trevally 24
Permit 1
Bluefin trevally 8
Wahoo 5
Triggerfish 5


If you would like to learn more about this fishing that is on offer at Astove Atoll, you can contact our saltwater fly fishing expert Peter Collingsworth on 01603 407596 or via email at where he can discuss this trip in more detail.

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