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Belousiha River Lodge Fishing Report 28th July to 2nd August 2019

We have come to the end of a very difficult month on the Beloushia and Voronya as it saw some of the coldest temperatures in history. This however didn’t stop the anglers from landing some amazing Salmon on the fly.

Belousiha River 28/07/2019

We have reached the end of the coldest July we have ever seen at the lodge. Our camp welcomed guests from Spain- Alfredo, Jesus and Cesar again came to our place.

The weather was horrible for our guests. All week the air temperature did not rise higher than 10 degrees. Winds blew daily from the North, and was paired with drizzle and rain.

The Belousiha rose a little, and the water temperature fell from 11 to 9 degrees. On the Voronya, water levels in a week rose from low to high and the temperature of the water was around 7-9 degrees.

Almost all week, guests preferred to fish on the Belousiha, the guests had fallen in love with the smaller river from last year, they already have favourite pools. We were fishing the Voronya for only 1,5 days and lost few fish there. But last year the same group had nice result on this river. Conditions were much harder now.

In the first half of the week, the fish were slightly active. The lower pools: Stone Sack, Aquarium and Crazy Turtle, despite a large number of Pinks, mostly Atlantics reacted on the flies. For the first three days, more than ten fish on these pools were landed.

Only once we fished upper than Three Steps, in the Canyon, it started to perform as anglers succeeded to catch two lovely Salmon. If the Salmon react to the fly – it is almost impossible to leave the pool. On the Three Steps pool the fishing was was better, and it was impossible to take away Alfredo from this place. He also gave a new name for the pool “Cojones pool”, we still do not know that it.

Glinka, Obkom and the Birch pool were very good this week. Several times it was necessary to stay at the pools for half of the day. Fish rose very often – the action was huge, Cezar and Jesus landed afew here, also some fish were lost on Glinka 1.

The week on the Belousiha was quite interesting, it is necessary to specify that many places remained untouched – guests, not always, preferred to go far. Jesus was glad to catch any fish, he caught a lot of Pinks (more than 30), Brown Trout and Grayling. Alfredo was ready only for the Atlantic salmon and short walks, as a result he landed a remarkable 92 cm Salmon on the Stone Bag. Cezar caught most, but the largest Salmon for him was around 70 cm. Thanks to our friends for a very ridiculous and kind week!

Records of week:

92 cm Atlantic salmon caught by the class #8 single rod on Snelda micro tube fly on the Belousiha River.

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