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Salmon Lodge Fishing


This past week was one for the books! The fishing may not have always been on our side but we all had a wonderful week welcoming back great friends who have been our guests at Camp Bonaventure since the very beginning!

Camp bonaventure salmon

First time Salmon Lodge guest Peter releases a great salmon back into the Petite Cascapedia! Great job Peter!

There seems to have been a miscommunication this week between mother nature and the weatherman. One promised us a couple days of rain whereas the other delivered beautiful sunshine and a couple cast over days. Either way, a day on the river is a great day in itself!

Kris is new to the sport of Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing but here he is releasing a grilse on his first day on the Bonaventure River!

The Bonaventure River is as beautiful as ever and still producing some great salmon this week. It was flowing anywhere between 8 and 9 cubic meters per second as the week progressed. We’ve had a couple of very cool nights/mornings closer to the end of this week that helped maintain our water temperatures around the 50-55 degree range in all three rivers.

Grand Cascapedia! Salmon

All his hard work and dedication has paid off! Here is Peter releasing his overdue catch back into the Grand Cascapedia! Congrats Peter! We are so happy for you!

The Grand Cascapedia was flowing at a rate of approximately 12 cubic meters per second this week and the Petite Cascapedia was in the range of 7-8 cubic meters per second. Although our rivers are at a low point at the moment, we are seeing a nice number of salmon, especially in our low water holding pools.

Salmon Lodge Fishing

Our dear new friend Raffaele released a great grilse back into the Bonaventure during his first stay at Salmon Lodge! See you again next year Raffaele!

These water conditions call for small flies. The most productive wet flies this week have been the Stone Ghost, Blue Charm and Green Machine! As for the Bombers, the normal Green, Blue and Dark Brown are working very well, especially if there’s a little sparkle added to their tail end. The sizes that are working the best at the moment are No. 8 and 10.


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