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Bonaventure & Salmon Lodge 24th To 30th June – Fishing Report

Another a great week with, perfect water conditions combined with big tides and plenty of fish is the recipe for happy anglers! Water condition on all our rivers couldn’t be better, temperatures are still cool, levels are a little higher than normal for this time of the season and there are plenty of fish to go around.


This was John first trip to Salmon Lodge. Here he is with our master guide Jean Marc Clermont on the Bonaventure. Well done John!

The weatherman continues to be good to us with a couple of rainy days each week and a couple of cloudy ones thrown for good measure. Not the best weather for tourists but hey, they got the hot and sunny last year. Everybody at camp landed salmon, needless to say we had a group of very happy fishermen.


A Grand Cascapedia shower for a happy customer.

The rain last week maintained our rivers and kept them perfect condition. The Bonaventure is at a great level flowing at 40 Cubic Meter per second, just perfect . The water temperatures are in the 50 degree range.


ASF president Bill Taylor has been a part of Salmon Lodge for many years, a good friend and a great angler. well done Bill.

The Petite Cascapedia is flowing in the mid 30’s and beginning to fish well and we’re seeing and catching fish on a regular basis. Fresh fish are running and most of the pools are holding fresh salmon, the Petite is also running cool in the low 50’s like the Bony.


Dan with his all-time record, 37 pounds! Congratulations Dan, you deserve it!!!

The Grand Cascapedia is fishing very well however we could use a little rain to keep the present levels. The Grand Cascapedia rises and falls quickly but is flowing at 50 Cubic meters per second, it’s great for this time of year. So far it’s been a great season at both our lodges and we’re looking forward to another great week on the river.


Eric, better known to us as ET with a fine Grand Cascapedia salmon, well done Eric.

The full moon on July 1st will be producing some of the highest tides of the summer. Anytime between June 29th and July 5th our tides will be at least 2 to 3 feet above average. If everything stays the same we should be in for a good one!


This was Steve’s first trip to Salmon Lodge, he already booked for next year! Well done Steve.


Claude (right) has been a regular at Salmon Lodge for many years . Here he is with Salmon Lodge Master guide Alex and fine salmon from the Grand Cascapedia, nice job Claude.

The hot dry’s have been Green, Blue and Dark brown bombers. Wets are still the big producers, the Stone Ghost, John Olin, Picasse, Silver Rat and Green Highlander were the big hitters this week.

Until next week tight lines

Regards Peter

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