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Camp Bonaventure River & Fishing Report – 21st to 27th, June 2021

Another week passes at the one and only, Camp bonadventure, it looks like the Salmon are getting alot of confidence with the large rest over the main covid period!

21st to 27th, June 2021

Another week has come and gone and we have had the privilege of welcoming back some dear friends to our three camps! I cannot express how good it feels to simply be in the presence of other people. Whether they are colleagues, guests, managing partners and friends. I believe this past year has been tough on everyone. For our wonderful guests who had to transfer their trip for another year. Please know that you are truly missed by us all and that we look forward to reuniting with you next season.

Mother nature was fair this week on the weather front. We experienced typical June days – some sunshine, some clouds, some rain and a few bugs to top it off. Most days averaged 20 degrees Celsius give or take a little and our evenings dropped to 10-15 degrees. Our days were not humid, it was a very refreshing week.

Our three rivers produced some memorable experiences for our guests this week. Everyone had at least one encounter with our silver beauties whether it was a tease rolling over the dry fly, an early release or a successful landing in the net. The crystal-clear Bonaventure River levels remained stable this week with minor fluctuations between 25 and 22 cubic meters per second. The Petite Cascapedia started and ended its week at 15 cubic meters per second. The beautiful Grand Cascapedia began its week at 20 cubic meters per second and finished at 40. It continued to rise throughout Sunday night thanks to a good rain received up in the mountains.

Our salmon have been tasting all kinds of flies this week. Sizes 6, 8 and 10 were the most popular all depending on the day and the river levels. The most popular wet flies have been John Olin, black bear green butt and a couple of our wonderful guide creations. As for dry flies, light brown, light blue and green patterns have been successful.

A couple of our rivers remain on the rise at this time thanks to some rain received last night. We will keep you posted in next week’s report with those results.

Until next week, here’s to health, happiness and tight lines,


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