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Cosmoledo Atoll Fishing Report 30th November -7th December 2023

The week on Cosmoledo kicked off with an exhilarating start! The weather forecast set the stage for three incredible days, featuring optimal light conditions, minimal wind on the flats, and exceptional tides.

Exploring the flats while poling revealed promising numbers of giant trevally, with many free-swimming fish not only on rays but in various areas. The almost windless conditions made yellowmargin trigger fishing from the pole much easier. Moreover, the bonefish drop-offs on the flats showcased remarkable activity, with the good light making it effortless to spot them over the pristine white sand.

Carlos and Francisco Angelsio had an extraordinary beginning to the week. Both brothers achieved a feat by landing Indo-Pacific permits, measuring an impressive 60 cm and 59 cm, respectively. What made this achievement even more remarkable was the fact that they accomplished it on eight-pound leader material, and both catches occurred around the iconic Wizard Island and these phenomenal catches took place less than an hour apart. Adding to their accomplishments, the brothers each reeled in their very first giant trevally during the week.

Chris and Este had a fantastic week, making notable additions to their catch tally. Este’s highlight was landing a 46 cm yellowmargin triggerfish around the southwest area of the atoll during a memorable trigger session. They also successfully targeted some of Cosmos’s large bonefish throughout the week.

Avron Karan had an unforgettable Cosmo experience, boasting an impressive count of 13 GTs during his stay. These GTs were skillfully captured in various scenarios, including some noteworthy fish taken in the surf zone while poling.

Jeremy Gallet joined the ranks of impressive catches by landing a 39 cm yellowmargin at the southwest cliffs during low tide. This remarkable catch, achieved around the grassy pancake flats on a mudding porcupine ray, was a testament to the effectiveness of a pink curly tail in tricking the fish into biting.

In summary, it was a stellar week on Cosmoledo, marked by numerous fish brought to hand. Anglers celebrated a range of achievements, from first GTs to personal bests, making it a memorable and successful fishing experience.

Tight lines,  Blue Safari Fly Fishing on Cosmoledo Atoll

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