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Cosmoledo Atoll Fishing Report 7th Decemeber 2023

The start of the Cosmo season was delayed due to some unpredictable weather and a tough crossing from Astove to Cosmoledo. The group enjoyed two days of fishing Alphonse before completing their journey. The slow-moving tides built up to fast moving spring tides by the weeks end, and the water that flowed over the atoll was crystal clean, giving us great visibility.

The wind conditions slowly improved but the light conditions were not always in our favour with a fair amount of cloud cover over the atoll. Murphy’s law, the last day was flat calm all day long and held our largest tidal movement for the week.

Elmer managed to get his first Giant Trevally on fly and a couple more geets were seen during the day on the white sand flat and around the islands of the atoll.

Shiloh was able to hunt down a large greater Barracuda around north island during the push. After the fish jumped a couple times, Shiloh, with the assistance of his guide, got it to the boat safely. Shiloh was also fortunate enough to land a nice Moustache Triggerfish in the surf on a pink legged flexo crab. The Trigger was eating super aggressively.

Joe was wading the surf in waist deep water on a strong push behind Menai and caught himself two nice Giant Trevally, one of which being a good sized fish (80 cm) over a sand high spot in the surf zone. Joe had the opportunity to catch a Yellowfin Tuna on fly, this fish is rarely caught on fly and makes for an epic experience.

Chris went on a surf walk close to the no name islands, where he stalked a GT feeding on bait in a small channel. He was able to coax the fish into eating his flaming Lamborghini. After a stressful fight, and the geet trying to cut him off on the coral, he managed to get it to hand for a quick photograph and a safe release.

Long standing guest, Mike, managed to land three Giant Trevally during his week here with many other species under his belt as well.

Overall, it was an exciting first week on Cosmo with a few nice big bonefish and some GT coming to hand. Numerous other species were also caught while casting over coral heads in the deep and during the many surf walks had as the week progressed. Good food and breath-taking sunsets scattered in between fishing! We are looking forward to watching the rest of the Cosmo season unfold.

Tight lines,
Alphonse Fishing Co. on Cosmoledo Atoll

Giant trevally 14
Bonefish 9
Moustache Triggerfish 1
Yellowfin Tuna 1
Barracuda 1


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