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Crocodile Bay Fishing Report February 2023

It was a wonderful start to the 2023 season for us at Crocodile Bay with awesome weather, very calm seas and, of course, great fishing off the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. The fishing at Crocodile Bay has been on fire recently, with multiple hook- ups on blue marlin and huge Yellow Fin Tuna offshore, along with trophy rooster fish and monster cubera snappers inshore. Our guests are catching multiple Dorado (Mahi Mahi) offshore and even a few inshore. It’s been crazy good fishing with double digit catch-and- releases on Dorado every day for our anglers. There hasn’t been a boring moment this past month on the water with our guests reeling in fish after fish.

January is a busy Billfish season here at Crocodile Bay. Our lucky fishing guests recorded an above average number of blue marlin and sailfish hooked, landed and released with our talented crew. We even had a few double digits days for Billfish! Many of our excited anglers were able to check off a few boxes from their fishing bucket lists. As I mentioned before in my previous reports, there aren’t a lot of places in the world where you can target Billfish, Yellow Fin Tuna, and huge Dorado all in the same day. The Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica and Crocodile Bay is the place to be if you want it to happen. We can make your fishing dreams come true.

A popular inshore fishing technique (among many) at Crocodile Bay features drifting live baits off the stern– while we can cast, jig, and bottom fish with live baits off the bow of the boat. If you are like me; and you enjoy being active the whole time while fishing, then inshore angling is what you want. Using different techniques of jigging have become very productive for catching a lot os fish in our area. Methods like slow pitch to fast pitch jigging keeps our guest busy… actively fishing (not passively trolling) and catching more fish. This method of fishing was very successful for hooking up with cubera snappers and broomtail groupers last month, along with an exotic mixed bag of other species bending our client’s rods and making their reels scream.

The outcome of the new commercial Tuna ban continues to prove that conservation legislation pays off for sportfishing. The Yellow Fin Tuna bite continues to be very impressive. This past month our crews were able to land lots of very powerful Tunas, ranging between 60 and 165lbs. If Yellow Fin Tuna is on your bucket list, right now is the time to fish with us. Just keep in mind that they are pure muscle– so get ready for a tug a war! The results are worth it if you want a true boat-to- table gourmet experience. Our team can get your catch to your dinner table in multiple styles within hours. You’ve never had a culinary experience like this until you’ve eaten the very fish you caught earlier that day at Crocodile Bay.

We host many corporate events here at Crocodile Bay over the course of the year and in the month of January we had the honor to hold a “Red Ed” fishing adventure event. Captain Ed organizes a yearly fishing trip in various places around the world… this year he chose Crocodile Bay as the destination. He brought down 16 anglers for a 3-day fishing tournament. His group had a blast fishing the plentiful waters off of Crocodile Bay’s shores. They also had a ton of fun while doing it. The most satisfying moment hosting the group for me; was the last day for the award ceremony.

All of the anglers told me that they have been fishing in a lot of places around the world, but this was, by far, one of the best overall vacation experiences they have ever had. It was an honor to hear them talk about the world-class fishing, the excellent staff, and our amazing new Botánika resort. I’m told by the group it was “hands down the best they ever experienced”. I am looking forward to helping Captain Ed to organize the next fishing event here with us in the future.

We also hosted the first annual Veterans Sport Fishing Adventures charity last month. It was a true honor for us to give back some good times and incredible moments to our war heroes. These guys had luck on their side and were able to land blue marlin, sailfish and tons of Dorado, as well as a few trophy roosterfish. We can’t wait to organize next year’s veterans fishing event.

I often get the question from clients if it is possible to hook their own fish and bait, or to get involved in everything going on regarding the fishing prep on the boat, and the answer is: YES! Our crews speak very good English and they can walk you through every step of the fishing process. It is very important for us to get our anglers involved in all aspects of fishing.

We want to help you become a better angler. Many of our guests are familiar with fishing from their home ports; but fishing the Costa Rican Pacific presents new methods, species and surroundings. Working with everybody from experienced fisherman to newbies; our talented crew is there to make sure you catch fish. If you want to stick to IGFA regulations, we’re good with that. If you need the mate’s help baiting a hook or reeling in a Tuna: we can do that too. The objective is to provide you with the best fishing adventure you’ve ever had.

Our catch numbers only increased as January moved on. I can already tell February is going to be another great month for our anglers. If you want to catch your trophy Billfish, Dorado or roosterfish, come on down to Crocodile Bay! It will be an honor to host you and organize everything for your trip. Don’t forget your sunscreen, your favorite fishing shirt and your lucky hat! We’ll provide everything else you need for your adventure.

Looking forward to greeting you in paradise!

Tight lines,

Diego Camacho


Crocodile Bay Resort is one of the best bluewater/big game resorts in the world and offers anglers the chance to target a huge variety of species. If this sounds like something you’re interested in then you read more on our Crocodile Bay Tour page, or alternatively, you can contact our destination manager Paul Stevens on 01603 407596 or email at who would love to speak to you.

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