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El Pescador Fishing Report 8th to 15th May 2021

Its always great to get to fish on your birthday, but how about a double grand slam on your birthday?! Well thats exactly what Vanessa had this week on the flats! Ill pass you to Capt. Emir to sum up this week.

8th to 15th May 2021

Fishing was excellent again this week, despite the strong winds. Permit are still being caught in good numbers, and the big migratory Tarpon are starting to show up!

Chris & Vanessa R had a great week fishing with Capt. Emir. Vanessa had a Slam on day one, and they went on to have a double Slam the next day which included a doubleheader on Permit! This all on Vanessa’s birthday.

What Guests Were Catching


Huge numbers of bones were caught. In one day, we totalled over 100 fish! Most were in the 2-4 Lb range, with one fish of 4 Lbs.


42 Permit were caught between 10 – 35 Lbs.


Nine Tarpon were landed. They ranged between 5 and 80 lbs.

Other species

Barracuda were around. Several big Jacks were caught.

Grand slams

Robert F. had a triple grand slam fishing with Capt. Gordy

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