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Farquhar Atoll Fishing Report 12th April 2022

We have finally got the report for the opening week of Farquhar and we cannot wait to share it with you. This week saw the re-opening of the Farquhar season after the Christmas and New Years break. It was well rested and 10 anglers got to enjoy their weeks fishing.
Veterans of the flats, Ian and Ty had a great week, each with several GTs to their names. Ian also managed to land Moustache Triggerfish.

Klaus and Christina had a dream start to their week as they landed nine GTs between them on the first day along with a handful of Bonefish. They didn’t stop there as they each managed to get a Flats Slams on the same day consisting of a GT, Triggerfish and Bonefish. A very special day for them to remember.
John managed to land a GT everyday along with some decent Bonefish. Sadly he missed the Bonefish when he needed it the most to complete the Flats Slam. That day he managed to land three Moustache Triggerfish, with the biggest being a hefty 45 cm. He also landed a decent 87 cm GT that was hooked and landed well into the surf zone which he did well to present his fly in deep water and rolling waves.

Robert had a cracker week as he managed to land the only two Bumphead Parrotfish of the week. Sadly, true to their nature, once in hand they didn’t stick around to get a decent photo. He also managed to land the only GT over the one metre mark with a very impressive 105 cm beast.

Newcomers to the saltwater flats Vasil, Andrew, Jake and Brad improved drastically throughout the week and all managed to land their first GTs.  With Andrew managing to land the first Moustache Triggerfish of the week.
Jake came so close to breaking the one metre mark with his still very impressive 99 cm GT caught cruising the shallow Turtle Grass flats.
Even with some unfavorable weather conditions from time to time, the team caught some great fish.


Bonefish 28

Giant trevally 41

Triggerfish 7

Bumphead Parrotfish 2

Tight lines,
from the Alphonse Fishing Co. Team on Farquhar


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