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Farquhar Atoll Fishing Report 15th – 22nd November 2023

This week, Farquhar hosted a more exclusive group with five well-known returning guests testing their fly fishing skills on the flats. Two of the anglers, Nikita and Ilya came with the main goal of catching Permit, so the majority of their stay was spent chasing the elusive golden nuggets. Nikita is not one to shy away from any good opportunity and he started off his week with a beautiful Moustache Triggerfish on his Permit setup.

Rodion and Vladimir focussed their attention on the gangsters of the flats and were not disappointed on the first day, landing four each. Rodion joined the metre GT club with a hefty 106 cm fish. Yet again, the fish ate boat side and gave the usual run around the corals and ledges that is expected by this infamous species.

Maxim joined the GT train, landing his first on fly. The angler of the day was undoubtedly Nikita who experienced a moment that not many people will likely ever experience. Nikita and his guide, Cullan, were walking the beach in search of Permit when several decent fish were slowly working their way down a turtle grass patch along the sand. Nikita laid out a few casts ahead of the fish and eventually one of the fish broke from the pack and came after his flexo crab. The fish ate the fly and Nikita set well and started clearing the line. As the line was about to clear onto the reel, the fish came off. Upon losing the fish, Cullan noticed the Permit was still fired up and urged Nikita to cast again at the same Permit. As the fly landed the fish started charging for the fly again, this time, with a much faster strip, the fish ate coming towards Nikita with pace.

On again, with same Permit they had just lost! Nikita managed to land the fish and it was a solid one measuring in at 61 cm. The Permit rounded Nikita’s Permit tally up to twenty.

The weather was adverse for the last few days of the week, making the fishing challenging, but many species of Grouper and other reef dwelling fish were caught on the corals during times of low visibility. Proof that there are always fish to catch on Farquhar no matter the circumstance!

Tight lines,
Alphonse Fishing Co. on Farquhar Atoll


GT 10 (one over a metre)
Bonefish 1
Indo-Pacific Permit 1
Moustache Triggerfish 1


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