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Farquhar Atoll Fishing Report 30th March 2023

The guests arrived in some unfavourable weather conditions, but this did not deter them from their positive attitudes. 

The week had a number of repeat guests that still had their eyes set on catching a bumped parrotfish, and Farquhar did not disappoint. The first day had Piers Westerman landing his first bumphead parrotfish as well as a GT. Stuart Webb, on his first trip to Farquhar after guiding Cosmoledo for many years, went out with the goal of getting his first bumpy, and he managed to get a beautiful fish of 105 cm. Joel Sather, along with his wife, Alysha Underwood, each managed to land their very first GT on their first trip to Seychelles, which also doubled as their honeymoon. A perfect way to start the week.

Calvin Rautenbach, also on his first trip to Seychelles, managed a great GT of 87 cm, this fish was also his first significantly sized GT caught on the fly. Piers got himself another GT for the week.

The following day was one for the memory book, with Joel landing a bumped parrotfish and a 61 cm bonefish; both were incredible catches. Stu went out and managed a beautiful golden trevally over 70 cm, a special catch on the flats. The weather still hadn’t was not playing ball, but again this did not affect the catch stats as the guides went out with the intent of getting the guests onto fish each and every day. 

Stuart got the biggest GT of the week, measuring 97 cm, and on the same day, he got a 55 cm yellow margin trigger, only the third of the season on Farquhar. Joel got his hands on his biggest GT of 87 cm after losing a fish that was estimated at 130 cm plus. Laurent Dobler, on his third trip to Farquhar, landed two gets and finally got himself the much-desired bumpy he was after, a great fish at 110 cm. 

Stay tuned for the next report from Farquhar!

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