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Farquhar fishing GT

Farquhar Fishing Report Week 4

This week we welcomed a mixed group of anglers to Farquhar with Russia, Kazakhstan, Italy, England and Scotland represented.

From a weather perspective, we enjoyed warm and sunny conditions with variable winds that blew for the most part from the east which later in the week switched to a west to north west wind. We started this week with full moon spring tides that progressed to neap tides later in the week.

Farquhar fishing GT

With 8 guests we managed to land 16 GTs. A special mention for first-time saltwater fly angler Talgat, for landing a brute GT of 102cm, well done Talgat. Angler Charles also landed a powerful 103cm GT whilst the father and son team of Andrey and Nikita managed to land five GTs between them, well-done guys!

Farquhar fishing GT

Our Bumpies were seen in good numbers this week and although we had loads of hookups we only managed to land two, John and Yerlan getting one apiece.

The diversity of this pristine atoll impressed yet again with loads of exciting reef species caught by everyone in the group. Alexander landed a beautiful Napoleon Wrasse of 73cm, whilst several hard fighting Bohar Snapper, Swallow-Tail Grouper, Bluefin Trevally and Jobfish added to the species tally.

Farquhar fishing Napolean Wrasse

Thanks to our guests for a fantastic week on the flats of Farquhar.

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