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Fish, Anniversaries, & a Jaguar Sighting! 22nd to 29th August 2021 – Kendajm Fishing report

What a week its been! This week saw a fantastic 252 fishing landed including some amazing Peacock bass, Bicudas and Wolf Fish.

Kendajm Lodge – 22/08/2021

With super clear water, our sight fishing opportunities were incredibly fun and also very technical this week. We had to hide next to trees and make the perfect cast so as not to spook the fish, and oftentimes, being stealthy does make the difference in catching and getting skunked!

We had three anglers from the US and two from Brazil this week. They had a great week, landing 252 fish with some really nice Bass and Bicudas in the mix, proving why the jungle is the ultimate destination for fly fishing! One more jaguar sighting this week, which added the cherry on top of an amazing week – there is nothing more spectacular than seeing a jaguar in the jungle. With only one more week this season we can’t wait to see what mother nature has in store for us this week!

Highlight of the week was our client Michael from the US making his guides so happy with great casting skills! It was evident he was ready for the challenge of fly fishing the jungle, and he sure landed lots of nice fish. It was also very special to have Ricardo and Maira celebrate their ten year anniversary with us at the lodge! Congrats guys, what a great couple you guys make! 

Check out this week’s big fish stats:

Total number of fish landed: 252

Wolf Fish: 81 cm.

Peacock Bass: 64 cm

Mantrinxa: 51 cm

Pacu Borracha: 42 cm

Pacu Prata: 30 cm

Bicuda: 78 cm.

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