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Sri Lanka Fishing Report

How to weigh GT’s Fishing Report

How to weigh GT’s Fishing Report Some people talk about their captures of GT’S in either weight or for some its all about about length.

Unfortunately many people over estimate the size of GT’S, which is perfectly understandable for as we all know far to well after a long hard fight that GT’S are famous for the fish will seem larger than it actually is.

But how can you find out the true size and measure of your prize? Well with a little help from our friends in the Andaman Islands there is a simple method which is also very quick to do, so you can get the fish returned to the water as soon as possible.

All you need is a simple tape measure, pen and paper.

  • First measure the length from Centre of lower Jaw to fork of tail in centimetres (cm.)
  • Second measure the girth just behind pectoral fin in centimetres (cm.)

Below there are two images showing you the measurements being taken.

Once you have the measurements record them on pen and paper so when you return back from fishing you can calculate the actual weight.

Once back on dry land just use the simple formula below that can be used to calculate weight which has been proven time and time again to be accurate to +/- 5%

Length x Girth x Girth x 2.74/100000 (fish to 30kg)

Length x Girth x Girth x 2.70/100000 (fish to 40kg)

Length x Girth x Girth x 2.60/100000 (fish to 50kg)

Note: all measurements in cm

A lot of people are surprised at the actual weights of their fish, but it is our opinion that the real weight of the fish makes landing that monster that much more of a valuable and prized catch.

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