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Kau Tapen Fishing Report 22nd February 2024

This week, we welcomed a full lodge of guests from the USA, UK, Scotland, New Zealand, and Wales. While there were a few returning guests, we had the pleasure of sharing our waters with many new faces this year. As an introduction to anadromous fish and two-handed fly casting, the Rio Grande offers a fantastic learning experience, albeit with a learning curve that takes a few days to navigate. Practice your casting from either side, keep the fly in the water, and the results will yield dividends.

At the start of the fishing week, the river remained relatively low but experienced rainfall. However, it was merely a push of rain that raised the water level by 1 foot (30cm), leaving us with only a few inches of visibility in the water on Tuesday morning. Although the water level dropped over the next two days, fluctuations persisted due to rainfall in the mountains. These rapid changes in water level and barometric pressure, combined with cold and sunny days, noticeably affected fish activity, making it challenging to entice them during extended periods.

Fortunately, the Río Menéndez offered stable conditions during these challenging days, as it was less affected by the fluctuations occurring in the main river. Despite being slightly off-color, it maintained a comfortable flow, providing favorable conditions for fishing.

Fishing proved to be patchy and unpredictable, with short periods of increased fish activity offering windows of opportunity. Geoff landed a beautiful 22-pound male, while Kevin caught a fresh 20-pounder. Other good catches were made throughout the week, with fish ranging from 12 to 18 pounds.

Despite the unpredictable fishing conditions, the week exceeded expectations in terms of productivity. While some anglers experienced dry periods, others intercepted good numbers of fish. However, beyond the highs and lows of fishing, there is much more to enjoy during a week here. Meeting new friends who share the same passion, spending valuable time on the river with old friends, and experiencing the unparalleled freedom of Tierra del Fuego’s wide-open skies are just a few highlights. Even on challenging days, the opportunity for an amazing experience in this special corner of the world remains undeniable.

Tight Lines from the Kau Tapen Guide Team,

Birkir – Kau Tapen Fishing Guide


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