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Kau Tapen Fishing Report 7th Febuary 2024

This week at Kau Tapen, we were thrilled to host guests from the USA, the UK, and Ireland, creating a dynamic mix of familiar faces and newcomers to the Rio Grande. Whether a novice spey caster or a seasoned anadromous fish angler, Kau Tapen remains a truly special place where every cast holds the potential for the fish of a lifetime. In recent weeks, we’ve been fortunate to witness and release some remarkable catches, a rewarding experience in the world of fly fishing.

Weather and fishing conditions were more stable this week, with light to little wind and a stable river, albeit at a low level. Fishing remained consistent throughout the week, with key pools holding many fish. However, both the Grande and Menendez rivers need a substantial influx of fresh water to invigorate our system. Despite the challenging conditions, our guide team employed low water tactics, fishing light, long, and stealthy in prime locations.

A noteworthy success was that despite the difficulties, everyone hooked and landed sea trout, a remarkable achievement in fly-fishing. We hooked well over 100 fish for the week, showcasing the payoff of perseverance and our guide team’s dedication to keeping guests engaged in the fishing experience effectively.

Quality fish continued to be caught in both our upstream and downstream beats. Chris landed an impressive 22-pound male, displaying scorching runs and acrobatic jumps before being netted with Santi’s assistance. The weeks have consistently provided fish in excellent condition, with another 20-pounder landed for Richard with Christian’s help. Many team members celebrated catching mid-teen fish, marking “largest sea trout of one’s life” moments.

Looking ahead, rain is forecasted in the mountains and our area, but the impact on the river remains uncertain. Although there is a good concentration of fish in key areas, the spring tides could swiftly alter the river’s condition. We extend our best wishes and hope to welcome you soon to the water!

Tight Lines from the Kau Tapen Guide Team,

Birkir, Kau Tapen Fishing Guide.


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