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Pira Lodge End Of Season Fishing Report 15th April 2024

After a few years of less-than-ideal weather conditions and rain patterns, the Marsh returned to its normal shape and usual beauty this summer. We started the season with a plethora of juvenile Golden Dorados, Pirá Pita, and sábalos, with millions of these fish spreading around the Iberá Marsh. As the weeks progressed, larger dorados began to enter the system. They were predominantly located downstream in the Corriente River, specifically in flooded areas alongside the main channel.

Most of the strikes we encountered were with dry flies, mouse patterns, cicada patterns, gurgler patterns, and, of course, streamers. For those fish ranging around 3-5 lbs, we used a #5 wt rod with a 9-foot leader of 15-20 lbs wire at the end. Some of the craziest takes I’ve experienced in my life occurred, with fish aggressively attacking the fly on the surface. If a fish missed the fly and continued to swing along the stream, there was a 100% chance of getting another chance. The water conditions allowed us to walk and wade in the shallow areas where the fish were congregating. 

As the summer progressed and the fish population increased, so did their size, and they began to venture into the marsh channels. A significant population found refuge in fast water runs within the marsh channels, and our home channel was one of the preferred spots they chose to inhabit. Beyond the fishing, the entire area exhibited an incredible power of recovery from the challenging year. Flocks of jabirus (storks) and egrets returned to nest in the swampy areas, while capybaras, caimans, and marsh deer were also present. 

As the season drew to a close, we were delighted to witness the marsh returning to its natural shape. We landed a significant number of dorados, and our guests were amazed by the entire program. Gliding through the marsh in our skiff boats was also a highlight of the experience. We’ll let the marsh and river rest and continue recovering to sustain even more golden dorado for the next season. 

José Caparrós 

Fishing Manager, Pirá Lodge


If you would like to know more information about the amazing Golden Dorado fishing on offer you can read our full tour page for Pira Lodge. Alternatively, you can contact our freshwater fly fishing expert Peter Collingsworth on 01603 407596 or email at

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