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Large Golden Dorado Under Blue Sky

Pirá Lodge Fishing Report – Finishing February 2020

February has come to an end at Pira Lodge, Plenty of large and healthy Golden Dorado were landed and more are entering the system. If you missed last weeks report from Pira Lodge, you can find it here.


February came to a close with some truly spectacular fishing throughout the Ibera Marsh.  This month the weather conditions were on our side, making each and every session on the water memorable and action-packed!

We welcomed a wonderful group of anglers from Seattle, who all got into to a strong number of Dorados, but it took them a few tries to master the strong strip-set needed to hook an aggressive Dorado. But by the end of the week, everyone figured the game out and were bringing fish to the skiffs with ease. For most of the group, this was their first time chasing Golden Dorado on the fly.

While sight fishing in the shallows, Hunter B. managed to hook a powerful 12-pound Dorado on his EP streamer. Hunter got a little anxious during the battle, and flexed his rod a bit too much, resulting in a broken rod, and a beautiful fish!

3 Great Fish From Pira Lodge

Even Dorado give a great ariel display of their stunning Golden scales! 

Another memorable fish from this past month was for the organizer of our Seattle group, Ben, who fooled a 10-pound Dorado while slowly skating a mouse fly in the braided section of the marsh just above the headwaters of the Corriente River.

Rounding out the end of the month, we welcomed filmmakers Ben and Brian who joined Santi Seeber for a week of exploratory fishing in the unexplored depths of the Marsh. They dragged boats deeper than we have gone before, and their efforts were rewarded with Dorado who have never encountered a fly, and happily slurped down countless mouse flies. Santi capped of this excursion landing a strong 16 lb fish skating a mouse and the whole encounter was captured on video!

4 Great Fish From Pira Lodge

Some of the stunning bars of Gold captured as well as a shovel-nosed tiger Catfish! 

Aside from the fishing, the wonderful aesthetics of the marsh have been in full form. Beautiful weather has afforded us some other-worldly sunsets and excellent bird watching opportunities. Our local Capybara and Caiman, who are well habituated to our skiffs, patiently watch as we fish, unperturbed by human presence.

All in all, February was an amazing month on the Ibera Marsh, and we are looking forward to what March will hold for our next month’s guests!

Tight lines.

Jose Caparros. Pira Lodge Fishing Manager


What a great report from Pira Lodge from Guide Jose, If you would like to enquire about this destination feel free to contact us on 01603 407596 or click the enquiry button on the tour page to fill out the form and we will contact you.

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