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Pirarucu Lodge Fishing Report – 14th to 19th November 2021

We have just come to the end of another good week down at Pirarucu Lodge. This week anglers were treated to more fantastic Arapaima fishing which produced a top fish of 230cm.

Pirarucú Lodge – 14/11/2021

Water Conditions:
Water Level – Going up
Water Temperature – 27°C

Weather Conditions:
Temperature – 30°C
Some rain showers in the afternoon and through the night

Fishing Conditions:
The water is high and this week we concentrated on the canals and the main lake. The average size of arapaima this week was absolutely insane, we landed 227 cm, 230 cm, and 190 cm beasts. Not bad at all for the last week of an amazing season!


Highlight of the week:
The highlight of the week was definitely the three monster fish landed by our great friends Steve, Bryan, and Bob – congrats guys! It was also great to see the Fly Shop legend Justin leaving his beloved steelhead alone for a few weeks and coming to fish the jungle. Great job guys!

Total number of fish landed in the week:
Arapaima: 12
Aruanâ: 76
Pirapitinga: 3
Tambaqui: 1

Biggest fish landed in the week:
Pirarucú: 230cm
Aruanâ: 83cm
Pirapitinga: 41cm
Tambaqui: 46cm

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