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Pirarucu Lodge Fishing Report 7th December 2022

Water Conditions

Water Color – The water was slightly dirty, making it off-color

Water Level — Levels are going down rapidly.

Weather Conditions

Temperature – 32°C
We experienced mostly sunny days. On one occasion, we had some rain in the morning. 

Fishing Conditions

We had a great week! The water levels are going down again, and fast. We landed three fish around 2.1 meters, which is always our goal when we head out each morning to fish. Everyone in the group landed some nice fish. We were stoked to share our fishery with this fun group of guys. We had plenty of laughs and sent them home with some amazing memories.

Total number of Arapaima landed in the week – 8

Biggest fish landed in the week

Arapaima 210 cm.

Pacu 42 cm.

Aruana 82 cm.


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