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Plaice and Halibut are starting to gather in Nappstraumen!

It has been known for a long time that autumn is the time for large Plaice and Halibut from our camp in Nappstraumen.

Despite a hot summer, the water temperature is finally starting to fall and the Halibut are starting to gather just a few minutes from the camp. We also tested the Plaice fishing which is usually fantastic during this time of year and it turns out to be true again this year! Huge amounts of fish with many over a kilo with a top fish of 1.6kg !! Unfortunately we do not have many guests at the camp due to prevailing circumstances around covid-19, but we are driving on and hope to finish with the flag at the top!

The other day, our guide Johan Mikkelsen was out with his guests on a little Halibut venture in Nappstraumen where they managed to land 2 Halibut and lost a third. He tells of many climbs, one of which stood out and was definitely a fish of larger caliber! Now the water temperature has dropped even more and we hope for even more activity outside our camp!

We wish you a warm welcome to Northern Norway and are betting that we are back with full force for 2021!

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We have now completely updated our Nappstraumen availability for the 2021 and 2022 season. If you would like to secure yourself a weeks fishing here before it becomes sold out then call us on 01603 407596. You can view the available weeks and prices here.

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