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Rio Marie Lodge 2021 Fishing Season Highlights

The old adage that good things don’t last long is quite accurate for those of us that make up the Rio Marie operation staff. The season flew by, which is a great sign of more great times to come in the future.

From the end of August to the end of January, our season was full of new challenges and experiences. We accomplished 21 weeks of our fishing season with lots of amazing stories to tell.

Thanks to the adventurous spirit of our guests, we expanded our already impressive fishing area, an approximate 600 miles of new lakes and habitats that have not ever been fished in our history. What is not shocking is the results and what we found.

We managed to tag more than a thousand new fish (Ciclha Temensis), adding to the previous 1,500 tags in past seasons. In our continuation of maintaining a recapture rate of less than 1%, two things became very clear: first, that our tag program is as successful as we hoped, and second, that the population of temensis in the Rio Marie is much larger than our previous optimistic studies indicated.

We have broken records for our operation and perhaps for the entire Amazon, capturing four 20+ lbs giant bass at the same time and managing to capture eight giants in a single morning of fishing, plus a 91 cm. fish, which is the pending new world record all length by IGFA. On top of the records and big fish, we shared so many epic days on the water with our guests and guides – too many to tell!

Our protocols worked as expected and we managed to get back to 100% capacity after almost two years of not seeing the incredible waters of the Rio Marie.

Both the guide staff and the ship’s crew would like to thank all our guests for the 2021 season for their commitment, tenacity, enthusiasm and good humour. They devoted themselves completely and provided an experience that can only be achieved on the Rio Marie.

Words of thanks will never be enough for the effort and good work of our crew: Orleans, Neto, Souza, Eli, Ana, Karine, Jose and Lean, as well as our unbeatable staff of professional guides, Charly, Rafael, André, Julio, Rubinho, Lucas, Augusto, Everton and Martin. In addition to our guides, we want to thank our Native partners, Roberto-Bacurau, Lazaro, Badá, Joaquin, Jairo, Diniz, Adalberto and Charles, whose invaluable experience propelled our operation to the next level.

They really focused and made an effort so that all our guests had the opportunity to measure themselves against the great peacock bass that we have here.

We look forward to the arrival of the 2022 season, to continue discovering the incredible universe of the Amazon jungle and enjoying the Marie experience.

Tight lines.


If you would like to learn more about our Rio Marie Lodge tour, you can visit the full tour page here. Alternatively, you can contact our fly fishing expert, Peter Collingsworth, on 01603 407596 or by email at

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