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Rio Marié Lodge Fishing Report – 17th To 24th October 2021

Another week has passed at Rio Marie Lodge, this week saw a huge amount of Peacock Bass again, however, this week managed to produce much more consistently in terms of the larger fish.

Rio Marié Lodge – 17/10/2021

Weather: We had an overcast, warm week with some strong rain mixed in.
Temperatures between: 25 and 36ºC
River Conditions: Our week started with high water levels but began to descend during the middle of the week. 

Fishing Conditions: We started the week in the lower part of our fishing range where we visited the memorable Marie lakes, Maxi and Ceua. As always, they showed us the treasures in the form of some large temensis.
On the second day of the week, we began our climb to the Rubo River, where we would stay for the rest of the week.We traveled about 350km (about 200 miles) in search of low water and better fishing conditions, and the hard work we put in paid off. The Marie is El Rio De Gigantes!

Fishing Stats:
Number of Anglers: 9
Butterflies Peacock Bass caught: 249
Speckled Peacock Bass caught: 83
Speckled Peacock Bass Over 10lbs: 19
Speckled Peacock Bass Over 15lbs: 14
Speckled Peacock Bass Over 20lbs: 3

Highlight of the Week: 
Oscar and Francisco, who traveled from Colombia, impressed us with more than 40 years of experience fishing for different species of peacock bass. They definitely impressed us with ultralight equipment for big temensis!Karen and Scott adapted well to the high temperatures we often see in the jungle from the colder temperatures back home in Alaska.
Finally, Eworth from Belize applied his expansive knowledge as a saltwater guide and took his temensis count to six, the biggest being 21 lbs.

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