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Rio Marie Lodge Fishing Report 19th October 2023

Weather: We had a mostly sunny week.

Temperatures between: 29ºC and 36ºC.

River Conditions: Water level dropped again but stabilized by the end of the week.

Fishing Summary: With the current water level, fishing the river sandbars and banks as well as the lagoons that still hold a decent amount of water is still the best strategy. Intermediate and floating lines are the best suited for that fishing condition and the anglers made good use of them.

Fishing stats:

Group: 12 anglers

Butterflies Caught: 286

Temensis Caught: 52

Temensis Over 10lbs: 6

Temensis Over 15lbs: 12

Temensis Over 20lbs: 0

Temensis Over 80cm length: 7


While drifting along a sandbar, Steven Stiloski spotted a nice fish cruising around the bank. Not being able to cast in time, Steven jumped from the boat and started to chase the fish from the bank, setting up the perfect ambush. After the fish got close he put his fly right where it needed to be and the fish swallowed it immediately.

Rafael Marques and The Marié Guides.


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