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Kau Tapen Sea trout

Villa Maria Lodge Fishing Report Week 3: 17th – 23rd January 2020

This week at Villa Maria Lodge we excitedly welcomed back our friend Axel and former veteran guide Ale.

When we approached the river during our warm-up session, we realized the river was still affected by the previous week’s rain. The river was high and slightly off-colour but fortunately, it appeared to be dropping quickly so we were optimistic for the week to come.

Sea trout

A fresh silver Sea Trout

During the next two days, we experienced a strong down-river wind, which helped to push a lot of water out of the system and bring the river to a very “fishy” level.

Sea trout

Many fish have moved into the river system, but with the unstable weather and river conditions, getting fish to move on a fly proved difficult. Our anglers stayed motivated and continued fishing through difficult conditions. When the proper conditions aligned, and our guests flies were in the water there were some beautiful Sea Trout landed.

Sea trout

Nothing beats a big Chromer

By the tail end of the week ,the new moon we were looking forward to, brought in a fresh run of fish. Who began to settle into their pools up and down our beats. Even the odd pools we rarely fished in the past seemed to be loaded. Needless to say the week ended on a high note.

Sea trout

Axel and Ale were using different sink lines and the new game-changer lines matched with “T-tips” of different density to slow down our drifts and get down to the fish in the high water we experienced early in the week. When the river dropped, we were able to properly fish the river with lighter sinking heads and lines as we normally do. The top flies for the week were the classics: leeches during high water and the evening, and green machines and rubber legs when the river cleared.

Sea trout

Villa Maria is definitely producing well this season! 

Highlights from the week included Ale’s picture-perfect chrome 20 pounder he landed on the second to last evening, that must have been in the river for no more than a few hours. Axel’s banner last two sessions featured 7 fish between 15-19 lbs.

Congrats guys! We’re already looking forward to seeing you next year.


Tight Lines,

Alejandro Martello.

Villa Maria Lodge Head Guide.


What a great report from the banks of Villa Maria from Head Guide Alejandro, If you would like to enquire about this destination feel free to contact us on 01603 407596 or click the enquiry button on the tour page to fill out the form and we will contact you.

Tight lines,


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