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Bert Williams’ 90lb Cod Wins Sportquest Holidays Fishing Competition

Cast your minds back to March 2016 and the news of the huge Norwegian Cod caught by Bert “Codfather” Williams at a huge weight of 41Kilos around 90LB. It appeared in most national newspapers plus on a lot of news channels.

Well it is our great pleasure to announce he is the winner of Nordic Sea Angling & Sportquest Holidays biggest catch closest to the Norwegian Record of 2016. So a massive congratulations Bert and it couldn’t of happened to a keener angler than Bert Williams.

The Biggest Cod ever caught by a British Angler

He has been gifted 10,000 SEK, around £850 to use against any of the following hosted trips to Norway:

Hosted Skrei Cod Fishing Havoysund

Hosted Halibut Fishing Havoysund

Hosted Nappstraumen on the Lofoten Islands

Hosted Å on the Lofoten Islands

Once we had received this amazing news from our partners Nordic Sea Angling that Bert had won this awesome prize, we thought it would be unfair to keep it from Bert any longer. So with a quick call, Bert was over the moon and really did not expect such a great prize. He has now put his name down to join Sportquest Holidays’ fully hosted trip to Havoysund in 2018

Bert "CODFATHER" Williams 90LB Cod Wins Cash
Bert with his HUGE cod

Nordic Sea Angling & Sportquest will be running this competition each year for all our anglers who travel to both our camps on the Lofoten Islands and Havoysund. We base the criteria of the competition on: Any fish that gets the closest to the Norwegian record, which could be a Plaice, Dab, Halibut, Coalfish, Wolfish, Redfish, Scorpion Fish, or like Bert, who had a huge Cod.

Bert "CODFATHER" Williams 90LB Cod Wins Cash
Bert winning the kitty for the weeks biggest fish

So if you are travelling with us for 2017 or simply thinking of booking a trip, then make sure you take your camera as the next prize for the 2017 season could be landing on your doorstep.

Bert "CODFATHER" Williams 90LB Cod Wins Cash
Paul with his biggest at 86LB the day before Bert

So finally, I would like to thank Bert once again for travelling with us and hope you do just as well for your trip in 2018.

Contact us

If you have ever wanted to take part in one of the Sportquest Holidays yearly hosted Norway weeks, you can contact our sea fishing expert, Paul Stevens, on 01603 407596 or by email at, and he will be happy to assist in creating you the perfect Norway fishing holiday.

Tight lines

Sportquest Holidays & Nordic Sea Angling


  1. Sara

    Hello paul, its sara who has booked a trip for her husband (Frederick Mclough). Is this where we have booked him? I hope so as our freezer will be full when he gets back lol If you can forward him this report that would be great for him to see it.

    All the best, Sara

    1. Paul Stevens

      Hi Sara, great to hear from you and yes it is where you have booked him. He will love it but make sure he packs his thermals. I have emailed him a link to the blog and also sent you the letter you asked for

      All the best


  2. Peter

    Hi Paul some amazing Cod there. what do you do with these Cod, I assume they do not taste great as old looking fish?

    Do you have any room for me as a single angler for these cod? I am free this March just drop me an email with some dates.

    Many thanks, Peter

    1. Paul Stevens

      Hello Peter 99% of these Cod go straight back and swim off fine. I always ensure the guys are looking over the edge of the boat when they are reeling them in and advise them to stop reeling once they can see them which is normally around 6 – 7 mtrs. Wait until all the bubbles have hit the surface and the fish start to pull back then simply reel gently to the surface.

      This seems to work a treat

      With regards to spaces we are completely full for 2017 for all our hosted trips however we do have some spaces available for 2018 if you can plan that far away?

      I will drop you an email with dates for 2018 and let me know if any of them are any good to you

  3. Mike

    What a beast Bert and well done.

    Paul how do we put our name down for this competition? Would be very interested

    1. Paul Stevens

      Hi Mike its a cracker isn’t it! You have already been entered by booking a trip to Havoysund next August all you have to do now is catch that dream fish and get a good picture

      I think we should try for the small species, maybe the Scorpion fish would be worth a crack as I know a great little spot for some big ones!

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