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Duck In Sweden

What makes a good Shooting Holiday in Sweden?

Sweden offers a playground for hunters with its resplendent forests and hills, farmlands and coastline. From the North to South of the country the list of species is vast and the opportunity to shoot within a variety of areas is possible. Species include Driven Duck and Pheasant days, decoying the world-famous Ducks and Geese with the exclusive “No bag limit.” With shotgun and rifle shooting there is something for everyone. The Moose and Roe Deer are a game-changer with organised hunts throughout the forests and even the chance to stalk the elusive Capercaillie and Black Grouse. The courting ritual of the Capercaillie is very charismatic and can be heard in spring throughout the forests of Lapland, Sweden. A truly breath-taking experience.

With such a bountiful list of species, you will find yourself in the best place for hunting. We have to offer incredible estates for you to enjoy your shooting with the best guides and hospitality. For those wishing to accompany the hunter on the Swedish adventure, there are many of exciting extra activities and places to visit. We can organise guided tours, deep-sea fishing, shopping, Michelin starred restaurants to dine at and many more.


If you are passionate about your wildfowling and yearn for the best experience possible then look no further than Sweden. Your guides hunting these areas are stretched over 5000 hectares situated both along the coast and nearby, which includes areas near Bjärred in the south followed by hunting grounds close to the large Barsebäck 19th century renovated Dutch Renaissance style castle and estate. To the north, just outside the city of Landskrona and with only a 40km drive from north to south it’s a short distance to both shooting premises.


The species of Geese that will be around at the time will be Barnacle, Greylag and Canadas with an influx of migratory Canadas and Greylags migrating down from the north around December time when it’s too cold. Barnacle Geese will be flying through from Russia and will be in Sweden feeding so will also be part of the quarry each day. Along with Geese, you will be shooting afternoon Duck flights which will comprise of mainly Mallard a few Teal and an occasional different species. Not only will you have unlimited bird days but varied and exciting and lead by Sweden’s best guide Kristofer Hansson. With over 10 years experience and an incredible knowledge of the hunting areas, dedication and enthusiasm to his work it will be an educational getaway as much as an enjoyable one.

Stora Sundby

Another popular destination in Sweden for wing shooting is Stora Sundby. You will be in awe of such magnificence upon your arrival to the Klingspors 16th Century fairy tale castle on the Stora Sundby estate. A family-owned and run estate which offers a warm welcome and out of this world shooting. Stora Sundby offers a varied list of shooting to suit all preferences and what’s more thrilling than shooting on an estate steeped in history and award-winning food catered to you by the best chefs in Sweden?


Located just 1 hour 45 minutes from Stockholm Arlanda airport and 30km southwest from the city of Eskilstuna the fairytale-like Stora Sundby estate occupies tranquil lands on the shores of Lake Hjälmaren and sits in the most beautiful green areas of Södermanland County, Sweden. The beautiful estate includes 5000 hectares of shooting grounds between itself and the neighbouring Biby estate. Topography which is made up of woodlands, shrublands, duck ponds, agricultural land and stunning parkland which is home to the deer park and of course the ginormous Lake Hjälmaren which is Swedens 4th largest.

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