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Winter Sea Fishing Clothes For Shore Fishing in Norway

Norway is a land known for its amazing fishing, sea anglers travel here year after year to sample the fantastic sea fishing that this destination has to offer. Being as close to the Arctic circle as Norway means that you could be fishing in some extremely inhospitable weather, the temperatures here can plummet to well below freezing with severe snow storms as well and for you to enjoy your fishing here you will need to be dressed in the correct winter sea fishing clothes. As the saying goes there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing. Here we will take you through some winter sea fishing clothes we would recommend to you so you enjoy your Norwegian shore fishing holiday.

Winter Sea Fishing Clothes – Base Layers

A good base layer is an essential part of clothing when fishing in Norway, these thermal layers will trap air close to the skin and will warm this air up keeping you warm as well. I would strongly suggest a good set of both thermal top and trousers to wear as your first layer up in the fight to keep warm. Any good hiking shop or outdoor clothing will stock a wide range of these items.

Winter Sea Fishing Clothes – Mid Layers

On top of your base layers, I would suggest layering up with t-shirts and jumpers. My personal preference is a lightweight sports type t-shirt and then on top of this wearing a thick jumper either an army surplus Norgie, a thermal fleece lined outer layer (Rab, Montane etc) or a thick hooded jumper that I wear for fishing back home. If the weather is really cold then add more layers of t-shirts and jumpers accordingly. On your lower half, I would suggest a thick pair of sweatpants or jogging trousers so as not to restrict your mobility.

Winter Sea Fishing Clothes – Outer Layers

For your outer layers I would suggest a good quality set of fishing bib an braces or a floatation suit. These should be waterproof and windproof to keep the elements out so you enjoy your fishing. Typical makes to look for when it comes to bib and braces and flotation suits are Imax, Westin and Daiwa. Personally I prefer to wear a lightweight set of fishing trousers to keep the wind and water off my legs and I like to wear a good quality coat over the top of my clothing, companies such as Rab, Mountain Equipment and Berghaus are makes to look for as these waterproof jackets are extremely good quality and will keep you warm in the harshest of conditions.


A good set of footwear is one of the most vital parts of having good winter sea fishing clothes and is a must when fishing from the shore in Norway, sturdy boots with good ankle supports are a must as you may be fishing in the snow and ice and you need to keep your feet safe. Studded boots are another alternative with Rockgrip making some very good boots, if you prefer your boots un-studded a good sturdy set of hiking boots will be perfect with companies such as Baffin and Skee-Tex making some extremely good products.

Socks, Hats and Gloves

One of the most important items of clothing for when shore fishing in the cold is a good warm hat, knitted thermal hats are perfect as they will retain all the warmth from your head, when you book with Sportquest Holidays you will receive a warm peaked beanie which is perfect for the cold weather. I personally wear a Rab knitted beanie which is perfect for the cold Norwegian weather. Good socks are another essential item for shore fishing in Norway with thermal socks being a very good idea, I personally layer my socks with a thin layer on the bottom and a thick pair over the top of those a good company to look for are Bridgedale, I wear these and do not have any issue with them at all and they have kept my feet warm in even the harshest of conditions. Gloves are optional but I would suggest taking a pair of thermal gloves to keep your hands warm in-between casts and baiting up.


Hopefully, this blog has been of some use to you in your preparation for your Norway shore fishing holiday and the advice will help keep you warm out there targeting those monster fish.

If you have any questions about any of our fishing holidays in Norway contact our expert team of sea fishermen via 01603 407596 or by emailing They will be happy to answer any queries you have. Alternatively, if you need advise when it comes to fishing tackle and techniques, visit our shore fishing tips and techniques blog here.

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For more insights, articles, and expert travel advice for all things Sea Fishing, make sure to visit our Ultimate Guide To Sea Fishing or visit our shore fishing Youtube playlist here for some live action at our camps.

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  1. Dougal Dawson

    Guys, I use supatrack studs in my boot’s. Once theyre in,theyre in so not so good for boats but for the shore excellent. Saved me a few times. I’ve Just bought a pair of the savage gear off road boots which look the job although if using the supatracks I’d buy a few of the longer ones because the holes I’ve got mine in are quite deep at the midsole. The Extra length would get the studs anchored better

    1. Matt

      Hi Dougal
      Thank you for the advice on the boots and the studs I will be passing this onto the people who ask about boots for Norway.

  2. Richard Ings

    Regarding footwear, I can thoroughly recommend Kahtoola microspikes. They are brilliant for walking on ice and snow. You will need to take them off before going on a boat so as not to damage the decks! They will stretch over proper walking boots and are in my experience a much better solution than studded boots in most winter conditions.

    1. Matt

      Hi Richard.

      Thank you for the advice the Kahtoola microspikes for your boots, I will certainly pass this onto the people enquiring.


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