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Shore Fishing Tips And Techniques Norway

There are many variables to take into consideration when fishing from the shore. Many things can make or break a session and by thinking these Shore Fishing tips and techniques through before you head out you can increase your chances of catching enormously.

Shore Fishing Tips And Techniques


One of the most important factors to take into consideration when fishing from the shore is tides. Tides can play a very important factor when fishing for certain species with species like Cod and Bass loving a run up to a big tide, especially just before the tide peaks. Fishing over the top of a big tide can sometimes prove fruitless with the time just after the biggest parts of the tide set yet again proving to be great fishing times. It is always a good idea to do some research before you head out as certain areas will fish better on spring tides and some areas on neaps. Also, the fish will feed at varying stages of the tide so if you can yet again see if you can find out from the locals before you head out what stages are fishing best.


Always check the winds before you go, you will find me checking the winds at least a week before I plan to head out. There is nothing worse than getting on the beach and finding you have a 40 mph wind smack bang in your face. Certain species will feed better in certain conditions as well with species like Cod and Bass preferring a good swell and a rough other species like Rays and Flatfish on the other hand generally prefer a calmer sea.


Make sure your tackle is up to the job! Depending on the ground you are fishing over and the species you are targeting will determine what tackle you need to use. If you are going to be fishing a clean ground for species like flatfish and smaller round fish then lighter rod and reel tackle can be used to get the most enjoyment out of your fishing. The lighter continental style rods and lines are perfect for this type of fishing. For mixed ground that is slightly snaggy or rough or for targeting larger species you will need to step the gear up slightly, a stiffer rod coupled with a strong fixed spool reel and heavier line will be needed to cope with the situation.

When fishing rock marks or into seriously snaggy/rocky/kelpy ground you will really need to beef up your tackle. Reels with a good drag that are loaded with strong braid or mono are a necessity here and a god stiff rod that can haul your tackle/fish out of the snaggy area are needed otherwise you will lose more fish than you land. Hook sizes on your fishing rig are very important too, with smaller sizes being suitable for certain species and for other much bigger species a stronger hook in a larger pattern will be needed to ensure that any fish hooked are landed with no breakages. Just make sure you always have a strong and reliable fishing knot!


Excellent bait is the key! Without good bait you will have a lot less productive time fishing, the freshest worms, freshest fish and best freshly frozen fish will catch fish a lot more. Heading out onto the shore fishing spots with bait that is below par in your tackle box is never a good idea. Also use bait that is best suited for the species you will be targeting, do your research as at certain times of year the fish will be feeding on whatever is prevalent. If the peeler crabs are moulting having a few of these in your arsenal is always a good idea and find out what works best in the area you are heading to. Types of worms can also fish better in certain areas, one beach may fish better on lug and a mile away from another will fish better with ragworm and the same with live bait. This really is something that I cannot stress enough, you can have all the best tackle money can buy but without the bait to back it up, you will always be behind any angler who does have the fresher bait.


There is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing! This is something I have always said and will always stick by it if it is pouring down and blowing hard then good clothing will keep you both dry and warm and a comfortable angler is a happy angler meaning that you will be fishing as effectively as you can. Some of the best clothing to wear in these conditions is not the clothing that you will find designed for anglers it is the clothing that you will find in the hiking/mountaineering shops. These clothes are designed for the harshest elements and will last a very long time when looked after correctly.

Layering up when cold is another top tip, a good base layer followed up with a t-shirt and jumpers underneath a good insulated waterproof layer is the best way. Merino wool base layers are the best way as not only do they offer great insulating properties they also wick away any moisture from the skin. Socks are another item that must be up to the job, there is nothing worse than having cold feet when fishing as this can become very uncomfortable, yet again a good merino sock or even Sealskinz type will keep your feet nice and toasty. If the weather is cold then an insulated hat is also a good idea, you will lose a lot of body heat through your head if not.


When fishing on the shore good footwear is paramount, a good waterproof boot is the best idea ensuring that any waves that meet your boot do not end up with your feet getting a soaking. The terrain you will be fishing over should also determine what footwear you use, if you are on rocks then studded boots are a necessity, these studs in the bottom of the boot will give you increased grip which is needed to prevent you from slipping on the rocks which could result in broken tackle or even worse you entering the water.

Hopefully, these Shore Fishing Tips And Techniques have proved helpful and will aid you in a better shore fishing experience wherever you fish in the world. The most important thing I can advise on top of all of this is to have fun. It’s not all about the catching, sometimes just being out and fishing in stunning surroundings with your mates is all that matters.

Shore Fishing Destinations

Shore or surf fishing is an ever-growing sport that can be very productive when fishing in the right destination. With fish often moving in close to shore they are there to be caught at the right time and there is something a lot more satisfying than catching a big fish off the beach rather than a boat. Here I will take you through some of the top shore fishing destinations around the world hopefully helping you to catch that big fish you so want to get under your belt from the beach using your newly acquired Shore Fishing tips and techniques.

Lofoten Islands

Norway is a magical place and one that rests heavily within the UK anglers heart. The destination of Lofoten is an area of Norway that any serious shore angler just has to visit and experience. The possibility of big fish is a huge possibility with monster Halibut and big Cod cruising these waters well within casting range. Other species that can be caught from here also include Wolffish, Lumb, Ling and Coalfish. This all adds up to an amazing shore fishing experience that can be enjoyed by anglers of all ages and abilities.


Bodo in Norway is a great destination that the shore angler just has to look into visiting. With plenty of marks to fish that fall off into deep water and fast running areas, this destination has the possibility of producing some very big fish indeed. Enormous Halibut, Cod and Ling reside here with some of the fishing marks being up to 250m deep meaning that if you hook a big fish at these depths you really do have a fight on your hands. Set in the stunning mountainous surroundings of Northern Norway this really is a shore fishing holiday that you will never forget.

Tight lines,


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For more information about these tours or any other Shore Fishing tips and techniques, we encourage you to contact our experienced sea fishing team who will help you to plan and book the perfect fishing holiday. If you would like to discuss anything with our team, you can contact them by phone on 01603 407596 or by emailing them at

We have many years of sea fishing experience and can easily recommend certain destinations based upon your requirements or target list! You can find footage from our many shore fishing destinations in this handy playlist.


  1. Rob Phillips

    Hi Paul
    Following a short fjord cruise my wife and i were so impressed with your country we are planning a longer return visit in our motorhome.
    I am hoping to grab a few hours fishing here and there and, whilst fly fishing is definitely in the plan, I was hoping to also do a bit of shore fishing.
    In this respect I have a couple of questions I am hoping you will be able to answer.
    1. Is bait available for purchase? Particularly lug and crab.
    2. I usually fish, for bass and flounder up to @ 5lb, using light rods and 15-20lb mainline. I have heavier tackle, but we have limited space. What would you advise if you had to choose one rod? Fixed spool/multiplyer?
    3. Is it possible to fish without wading?
    Many thanks

    1. Paul Stevens

      Hi Rob, thanks for your comment and it is a stunning country and if you get to fish on your travels you will have a great time. With regards to bait, you can not purchase the worms or crabs anywhere in Norway as Norwegians do not fish from the shore and when I have fished from the Shore I have had locals ask me what I am doing and look very confused as they just jump in a boat and go fishing! My advise for bait would be to either dig your own worms or purchase fish baits from the local fish factories. I would recommend using Mackerel or Herring both are very good baits.

      The light rod you have would be ideal for casting small rubber shads for Pollock and small Coalfish but would get a heavy spinning rod with fixed spool reel for the bigger fish such as Cod and Halibut. And yes you will not need to wade at all for shore fishing

      Hope this helps,


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