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Top Fly Fishing Holidays That Include Tackle

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Many top fly fishing lodges are realising that for the less frequent travellers or for some of the more unique tackle specifications that having gear at the lodge and including it in the price of the holiday is of great help to those visiting them.

With these lodges doing such a good job to provide this very convenient service I thought it was only right to give some of them a mention.

El Rincon Lodge Argentina

This Argentinian lodge realises the importance of offering this service with many of its anglers travelling a great distance to reach them in the heart of Patagonia.

The double handed and single handed rods that they provide are perfectly matched with reels to suit both the Rio Gallegos and Rio Penitente rivers that you fish here. The rods that are generally used on here are 7# and 8# double and single handers, this allows for great control of the fly and a little added power for playing some of the big fish that are encountered.

When tackling up for the more subtle Penitente it is better to use a 5# or 6# single handed rod as this allows you to get the best out of hooking and landing the surprisingly big fish that are found here.

With the popularity of Argentinian Sea Trout fishing being so great, bookings are normally made at least a year in advance. It is a good idea when making these booking to request rods and reels so if any replacements are needed they have ample time to make them.

You can learn more about our El Rincon Lodge by visit our tour page.

El Rincon Sea Trout Fishing

Fisherman Lodge Mexico

This is a top grand slam spot in Mexico’s Ascension Bay and they provide the rods and reels needed for fishing here. The guiding staff are some of the best in the Caribbean and know that having a good selection of made up rods and reels with different lines on can really make the difference for hunting grand slams.

When fishing the flats it is good to have a selection of different rod weights for the different species, this is so that good presentation is provided with the lighter rods and the power needed for the bigger fish can be found in the heavier setups. For this sort of trip being provided a 7# 8# and 10# should be perfect for most situations. 

You can learn more about Fisherman Lodge here.

Mexico Fishing

Pirarucú Lodge Brazil

This trip in Brazil is another great destination that provides all the Rods and Reels. If you are like the majority of European based anglers then the need for a 12# is not great, but when booking onto this trip you can be assured that if needed you will have a selection of fantastic heavy rods equipped with reels and lines designed for taming monster Amazonian giants.

The rods and reels that the lodge provide are extremely strong and with the fish they get here being up to and over 200lb it is a good job that they are. The rods needed for this trip are 6# for the smaller Amazon species such as Arowana and Tambaqui, then for the smaller Arapaima (10 to 80lb) 10# are the best choice. For days when you are out looking for some of the biggest freshwater fish on earth then stepping up to a 12# is wise for both casting big flies and the battles ahead. 

You can learn more about the Arapaima fly fishing here.

Arapaima Fly Fishing

Reisastua Lodge Norway

This fishing destination is famed for producing huge Atlantic Salmon. The staff at the lodge are hugely experienced in the kind of kit needed to land these magical fish. On request, the lodge will provide you with the latest Scott Mackenzie’s superb Salmon rods and reels, many of which have been developed and tested at this very lodge.

When visiting foreign fishing lodges it is always best to be at the top of your game, so any time you can give for casting tuition and practice before a trip is time well spent. The rods and reels that are generally needed for this destination are between 13 and 15 ft in length and in weights of 8# 9# and 10# inline class. These double handed rods give you the ability to cast more easily and cover the river as well as have the length to control the flies when in the sweet spots.

Another reason why a longer rod makes fishing easier is the control and power it gives you when these massive silverfish are hooked. Reels used at the lodge are also loaded with at least 400m of backing to give you time when a big fish wants to run downstream.

You can learn more about our Reisastua Lodge in Norway here.

salmon fishing reisastua lodge

Bairs Lodge Bahamas

This great lodge in the Bahamas is another flats fishing spot that provides great rod and reel combos to its guests. Primarily a Bonefish and Permit venue, the option of being provided with exactly the right rod and reel to target the two species is available. The rods and reels provided will generally be 7#  8# and 9# rods combined with lightweight reels. For this kind of fishing, the reels need to be able to carry at least 300m of backing as both Bonefish and Permit are not shy with regards to running once hooked.

Another benefit of a lodge supplying you with rods and reels is that it will be water type specific kit. For Bairs Lodge, the rods and reels will be saltwater rods and reels and most importantly, the lines on the reel will be perfect for the style of fishing you are doing.

You can learn more about our Bairs Lodge in Brazil here.

Bahama Fishing

If you have any questions on our above fishing destinations or on any of our other fishing holidays, you can contact us via the website or call us on 01603 407596. Our experienced team will be happy to help answer any queries you have.

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