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Å, Lofoten Islands Fishing Report 25th August 2022

This week started off pretty tough where we initially had trouble finding the fish, but after exploring some new areas we have finally found an area holding good food fish in the form of Cod as well as good Halibut fishing.

On Friday, we drove as a team out to the intended Halibut spots for the day, a quick stop for bait fish resulted in lots of Mackerel in a suitable size for our ready-rigged tackle. Once in place out in the current, it was initially difficult for all the boats, but after the tide turns, a chopper rush arrives as if on cue, which most of the guests hit and were able to catch a bunch of Halibut. Marcus definitely pulled the trigger, sliding in over the radio with a report of 4-cut where three of the fish were landed, no monsters but some nice eating fish.

Daniel, who steered the guide boat, immediately reported a Halibut of 111cm followed by one of 104cm. Other boats also reported nice Halibut with a top away to 130cm. Even Dragan and Kompani in boat 8 who tried some shallow water fishing a bit north succeeded really well with 5 landed Halibut, no direct top fish but great fun on light equipment. After this good chopping period, Marcus changes places and a bit into the first drift, the guys hit the bait and after a while can land a really nice fish of 176cm, the fishing is simply just awesome!

On Sunday, most of them drove the boats north in search of Cod, Daniel led the small expedition towards a well-known area that at this time of the year usually holds really well with fine food Cod, Once in place it didn’t take long before the boats started landing fish, the Cod literally pounced on our filets as well as the sandeels on the shallow tops. After a lovely bite period, something a bit half-baked happened, Mike in the guide boat hooks a nice Cod on a jig and just when Daniel is about to land the fish the hook is lost and the jig flies into Daniel’s hand, The jig was deeper than the Redfish stands and the only solution was to try push the hook all the way through the hand… A few beautiful melodies and a couple of sweatier seconds later, everything was repaid and the wound was topped off with a bit of plaster.

Back to the fishing, no one was probably disappointed with the fishing this day if you have to guess. The Cod fishing with several over 15 kilos was replaced by Halibut. Mike pulls the guide boat’s top fish of 16 kilos and the drift after a Halibut of just over a meter. Mark and the gang in boat 12 really enjoy the nice quantity fishing and after a while they also land a Halibut followed by reports of another bunch of nice ones with a top of 139cm.

After the first nice days, unfortunately a storm moved in over the Lofoten and it is probably the last day of the week that the last gunpowder was to be burned out. Wednesday morning and a simply brilliant weather means that the conditions for a replay on the outside were a fact. But it’s hard to drive over the hot Halibut spots without making an attempt, the baits were dropped and after a minute or so Mike smacks the guide boat’s first Halibut of the day followed by a missed fish by Tony, Mike gets a feeling and prys out another fish that in the lovely current offered a really good fight with several rushes.

The other boat teams also did well with a successful start on the Halibut, followed by a bunch of additional Cod and the Coalfish bonanza a little to the north.
This week has really offered everything you can expect up here in Northern Norway, Fantastic fishing, sun and calm wind as well as torrential rain sideways which is best observed from inside the cabins with something good to drink and really nice company!
This week our dear colleague Alexander Lindgren is on vacation, so if you call him, Daniel will answer this week.

Now we will soon pick up the new guests and it will once again be a magical week here in southern Lofoten!

Tight Lines//Daniel Freland, Alexander Lindgren and Marcus Pettersson


If you, like many others, have ever dreamt about fishing the prolific waters of Å on the Lofoten Islands and would like to know more information on how you can join us, you can contact our sea fishing specialist, Paul Stevens, on 01603 407596 or email at

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