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Angler with a large Jack fish

Crocodile Bay Costa Rica Fishing Day 11 2020

We have our eleventh report in from Roy over at Costa Rica, it looks like the Roosters and Jacks were todays targets! If you missed day 10’s blog, you can catch up here. I’ll now hand it over to Admiral Marlow –


Today is Day 11 and we are with Captain Manuel and Sault on a Strike Boat. We had a team meeting and decided to fish inshore and have a more relaxing day and hopefully catch a Rooster or two.
We needed some bait and today the Sardines were just jumping into the baitwell. We headed off to the point and set out our lines. Two free-lined baits on the outriggers, two baits with about an ounce of lead super slow trolled along the shoreline. The usual rods in reserve. A lot of the time you are moving about 1 knot covering a lot of water. Every time the baits were nervous you hold the rods, quite a lazy way of fishing and very relaxing till you get a hit. The first hit on my light spin outfit was a Jack Crevalle, a good fight and it smiled for the photo.

Today was a fun day and I had a great time talking to Saul the mate, he is a brilliant angler as well as a great Captains mate. He showed me some new knots and I did the same for him. You can see in the photo how happy he is. We had three Roosters, they all look the same so just a couple of happy Rooster photos!

Roosterfish and jacks in costa rica

Day 11 produced some amazing Roosterfish, Jacks and Needlefish!

We managed to catch some decent sized Blue Runners and fished them way back near the surface. A great bait for big fish and sure enough one nailed it. As soon has I hooked it I knew it was a good Cubera Snapper, there is something different in the way they fight. Cubera can grow big I think the world record is around 120lbs and they are tough cookies. This was a team effort and Captain Manuel brilliantly worked the boat to make the fight a lot easier.

Angler catching tropical fish

Nothing beats hard fighting Jacks and strong Cubera Snappers!

I returned it to hopefully grow into a proper Nasty Custard for someone else to battle with. We all had a few smaller species to keep us on our toes. This is Manuel and me with the snapper. I came third in the smiling competition, Manuel came 1st! Apart from catching some nice fish and having a lot of fun we also had a huge Humpback Whale surface just 40 yards off our boat. It came to the surface twice and smiled at us, it was also having a nice day. We have so far caught some fantastic fish and have just two days left. Tomorrow we are with Manuel and Saul again and plan to go offshore. The Sail fishing offshore wasn’t bad today but there were no Tuna sighted, I have a feeling they might show tomorrow.


Signing off
Admiral Marlow


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