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Kendjam Fishing Report 7th July 2022

We are pleased to launch our 7th season at Kendjam Lodge with the Kayapos of Iriri River. This is a very special year for all the Kendjam tribe and for us. The lodge is ready, with some improvements from last season, the river is in shape and packed with fish everywhere, and the jungle is just gorgeous.

Fish everywhere, from big Peacock Bass, furious and really hungry, to Matrinchas with dries eating like crazy, the Bicudas and Wolfish getting into the action, and Pacues are simply jumping out of the water to eat the hanging fruits and leaves.Not enough, in the Jungle, the fauna is present everywhere, and without a doubt, this is the most amazing wildlife place in the Amazon for a variety of species.

WEEK 01: Total of 8 clients
WATER CONDITIONS:a) Water Color – Not gin clear yetb) Water Level – Dropping fast
WEATHER CONDITIONS:a) Temperature – 27°Cb) All beautiful sunny days.

With water levels a little high and slightly off color, we had an amazing first week getting really close to the peacocks, which have been on fire. Dry fly fishing for matrinxa is as good as it gets – the fish are big and they are ready to play!The highlight of our week was the 64 cm. peacock caught by our good friend Breno, who came to visit us for the fifth time already. Congrats Breno, well done!

Total number of fish landed this week:243 
Biggest fish landed this week:

Wolf Fish 76 cm 

Peacock Bass 64 cm 

Mantrinxã 45 cm 

Pacu Borracha 42 cm 

Pacu Prata 40cm 

Bicuda 78 cm


If you fancy doing battle with the hard fighting species of the Amazon basin, then Kendjam Lodge is a destination for you. If you’d also like any further information, you can contact our fly fishing specialist Peter Collingsworth on 01603 407596 or email at

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