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Suindá Lodge Fishing Report 9th April 2024

After several dry years from 2019 to 2022, we were blessed with ample rainfall and healthy water levels starting in 2023, largely due to water coming from Brazil. This rejuvenation significantly bolstered the entire fishery, enhancing spawning and migratory activity.

In the beginning, during our spring season, the abundant water levels fostered a thriving population of the game fish we pursue. We consistently found plentiful minnows and a substantial number of Sabalos around our prime fishing spots. As for game fish, we encountered numerous small and medium-sized Pira Pitas, along with many Pacus ranging from 4 to 10 pounds. Additionally, sizable schools of small Dorados populated the waters, promising a positive outlook for future seasons.

The largest Dorado caught on fly weighed an impressive 32 pounds, landed by our esteemed head guide, Jose. Sergey achieved the distinction of landing the largest Dorado on a lure, weighing 29 pounds.

Furthermore, we had numerous instances of Grand Slams, but one that particularly stands out is Clayton and Cathy’s achievement using fiberglass rods.

– Fabian Anastasio


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