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Golden dorado

Tsimane 2019 Fishing Report Week 1

This week at Tsimane was pretty eventful, and we saw (and caught) some impressive fish. Lots of giant Dorado and Pacu on the fly!


Secure Lodge Fishing Report

The Asunta camp on the Upper Sécure had a transitional week with the river dropping and becoming clearer after a flood and gradual warming weather. Despite some slower fishing, big Dorado took flies every day, with opportunities for all of our guests to catch great fish.
This week, all of the anglers — Trish, Dave, Adam, Ryan, Matthew, and Randy — camped at the headwaters of the Upper Sécure. Travelling far upstream, Adam and Ryan had a phenomenal day, landing some nice fish and losing a 25-pounder in tiny pocket water. We got some amazing video footage from this!
The biggest fish of the week included a 22-pound Dorado and a 15-pound Pacu. With general conditions improving and temperatures increasing, we are expecting next week to be even better.


Pluma Lodge Fishing Report

This week at Pluma Lodge we welcomed seven anglers: Gabe, a saltwater guide and angler from Florida, joined us with his friends Adam, Rick, Norman, John, and Ryder (John’s son). Matias from Argentina rounded out the group of seven. But we were also joined for four days by our CEO, Marcelo, who brought along his wife and daughter.
The weather was favourable for good fishing until the last day when a sudden flood from the Upper Pluma blew out the river.


This week brought the highest numbers of small- to medium-sized fish caught. Many in the 10-12 pound range were caught on the lower sections, including the Lower Pluma and the Secure. But the upper section of the Secure had good Pacu activity, including double hookups for Gabe and John on day three.
For Rick, the Lower Pluma was where he fished with a fly rod for the first time and had more than 10 shots at fish and ultimately landed four Dorado. Likewise, Marcelo’s 5-year-old daughter Zoe saw Dorado for the very first time in this stretch of river. She will surely see many more!
Before the flood on the last day, the conditions on the Upper Pluma were ideal for sight fishing. The river was technically demanding as always, but Gabe and Adam sight casted to and landed two fish over 10 pounds on the Itirizama.
One of the biggest fish we saw during the week included a 25-pound monster that Matias hooked. Unfortunately, it ended up breaking his 40-pound wire after a couple of jumps. On the last day, Ryder sight fished to and landed his biggest fish of the week — a nice 16 pounder.


Agua Negra Lodge Fishing Report

This week at Agua Negra we had the chance to meet three old friends from Italy — Mateo, Alessandro, and Nick — talented, young anglers who were a lot of fun all week. We also welcomed Tom, a young angler with a great personality, who is originally from the U.K. but has been living in the U.S. for some time.
The main river was high and cloudy during the week and the reason we had to do some hiking for two nights of camping. The weather was perfect during the whole week, with just a little rain in the middle of the week, but nothing that impacted the fishing. The fish were really active, and the water was really clear, which required careful presentation of flies.
The Lower Agua Negra was as fun as the Upper. We landed more than 60 really nice Dorado, some huge Pacu, and even some Catfish!
The biggest fish of the week was caught by Nick, and it was a 24-pound Dorado on the Upper Agua Negra. Tom also got a huge 23-pound Pacu.
Good people, new friends, great food, and a lot of stories made for an amazing week.
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