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Tsimane 2019 Fishing Report Week 3

We had another week of great weather and phenomenal fishing at Tsimane. Fun guests and some impressive fish will surely lead to some lifelong memories.


Pluma Lodge Fishing Report

This week at Pluma lodge we welcomed eight anglers — Paul and his brother John, David, Erick, John, Bill, Ed, and Brian — all from the U.S. . For all of them, it was the first time fishing with us and the first time taking on Dorado.


The weather was perfect with beautiful sunny days. With the water warming up a little bit and spring coming, the Pacu started to show up in bigger numbers. We landed a total of four, all on streamers, and two of them were sight casted to. All the stretches of water had good populations of fish ranging from 3 to 8 pounds. With the water level very low, fooling one of the big ones required very technical fishing. And with this approach, landed two fish over 20 pounds on the Lower Secure.


Fishing on the Main and Lower Pluma was difficult due to the low water levels, but we still had many medium- and small-sized fish bending rods all day. We also saw some catch — this time it was a giant black Catfish (Moturo) rather than striped Catfish. The fish took a big black pattern in one of the deep pools on the Lower Secure. Showing an unbelievable amount of power, the Moturo made John’s 9 weight look like a 3 weight!


The Itirizama River was at its peak with water clarity. Sight fishing opportunities were constant. This stretch produced one Pacu and many Dorado in the 2- to 5-pound range.


Agua Negra Lodge Fishing Report

This week at Agua Negra we met two great groups of anglers: Tony and Craig, old friends who have fished at Tsimane but were visiting Agua Negra for the first time, and Flo and Johan, brothers who have enjoyed many fishing trips together. All four were great anglers who experienced an excellent week of fishing.
The water levels and conditions were good on the main river, and the Agua Negra was as good as the Secure but with very low water. Because of this, our wading and casting had to be super quiet.


Tony and Craig spent the whole week fishing the Main Secure, catching a really good number of medium-sized Dorado as well as many big ones. They enjoyed fishing structure and casting between logs, and they also caught some very nice fish sight casting in shallow waters.


Flo and Johan had a really good day on the Secure then decided to hike the Agua Negra. They had a great time and had many shots at small- and medium-sized fish, including two Pacu and some really good Dorado. Hiking paid off!
The biggest fish of the week was caught by Flo, and it was a 20-pound Dorado in very shallow and clear water on the Upper Agua Negra.


Secure Lodge Fishing Report

This week at Secure lodge was cool with a mix of cloudy and sunny days. Temperatures were below average and very comfortable for the anglers (without negative effects on the fishing).
We welcomed five fun and energetic guests who came from all over the world, including South Africa, England, and the U.S.


The fishing was as consistent on upper sections of the river as the lower parts. Rising water levels usually mid-week resulted in fish movement and more fish becoming active moving up the system.
Everyone connected with large Dorado, landing a good quantity of medium-sized fish and losing a number of Dorado over 15 pounds. Fortunately, the Secure always gives us opportunities at more fish, and the highlight of the week was , a 20-pound Dorado. Medium-sized flies with skinny profiles were a very effective during the week, and clear tip intermediate fly lines were the best choice for presenting flies deep under structure.


During the week we had plenty of leaders, wires, and flies destroyed, and the guests had plenty of stories to take home with them. And it’s always nice when guests inquire about booking for the following year — a sign of how great this experience really is.
Golden Dorado
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