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Tsimane Fishing Report Week 12 2022

Agua Negra Lodge

We’re getting closer to the end of the season and with great weather, we had the chance to fish again with two good friends who were here three years ago: Ken and Rob. They enjoyed the jungle together with us and caught some truly nice Dorado!

We also had the chance to meet another great angler from the U.S. who has traveled a lot chasing predatory fish.

The weather and the water conditions were excellent this week, and we had very good chances at fish in all our rivers. By the end of the week, we landed more than 10 fish over 16 Ibs., as well as some quality Pacú and a couple of Yatorana.

The biggest fish of the week was a 22-Ib. Dorado in the upper Agua Negra.

Secure Lodge

With just two weeks before we finish our season, we had an awesome time this week at Sécure Lodge, with the upper part of the river and the creeks providing many highlights all week long.

With regular weather, warm conditions, and increasing temperatures every day, the Pacú showed a great attitude for taking flies—streamers as well as dry patterns—in shallower waters, the heads of pools, and runs where the speed and movement of the current offer better conditions for tricking them.

As a result, we had a good number of black plates stranded on the beach, and others breaking off leaders and lost after strong fights.

A similar story was starred by medium and large-size Dorado, attacking flies such as mice and cicadas on the surface and synthetic minnow imitations as streamers. We had many adrenaline-filled moments casting to goldens positioned in tiny pockets and under the foam in super-fast lines of streams.

The biggest fish of the week were an 18-lb. Dorado and a 15-lb. Pacú.

Heli Fishing

In Exploratory Helifishing program we welcomed the Lewis brothers, Rob and Andrew , with whom we have had the privilege of exploring two new rivers, one of them with no success and the second with excellent results.

The weather was on our side, allowing us to fly to all the scheduled places, and supporting excellent fishing, as the fish were very active. We are at the end of the season and still amazed by new things every day. The privilege of being the first to step on these pristine lands is astounding.

Pluma Lodge

This week we received eight Russian anglers. The weather was very good in general all week, with gin-clear water and good temperatures. We had a very good week in terms of both quantity and quality, landing several fish between 12 and 15-lbs. and two or three over 22 lbs.

The highlights were Pacú, Yatoranas, and a strange species of freshwater Croaker—it was the first time ever we caught one of those. See you the next week, with more adventures.


Do you think you could handle the Dorado that reside at PlumaSecureAgua Negra and our brand new Heli fishing tour? You can take a closer look at the tour page, where you’ll find all the information you need to get you ready for the trip of a lifetime!

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